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The Villas at Fairway

When you stay at The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway, you are surrounding yourself with the beauty of the Pocono Mountains with four seasons of activities and amenities that include on-site 18 hole golf, snowtubing, live entertainment, indoor and outdoor pools, bumper boats, fishing, hiking, mini golf, restaurants, children’s daily activities, shopping, outdoor tennis, year-round horseback riding, basketball, volleyball, festivals, canoeing on the Delaware, video game arcade, and paintball.

The villas offer the comforts of home with the worry-free atmosphere of a getaway resort that is your home away from home. The many resort amenities and things to do in the surrounding region will fill your days and at night, take in a show or leave the cooking to us as you dine in one of our themed resort restaurants. However you define fun and relaxation, we offer the backdrop for a lifetime of family memories at The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway®.

59 comments to The Villas at Fairway

  • Shravan Tabeti

    Hi Bruce,
    We have a booking for May 26 to 29. My Sons are allergic to dust, so please provide us a nice and neat 2 bedroom place. Also we will be arriving early around noon, so please have the place ready by then.

    Thank you,

  • Dear sir;

    we called to make a reservation in a 2 bedroom for May 24th to 27th but they told me first the ownership # doesn’t match my phone # doesn’t match and there is nothing for 2 bedroom only for studio and one bedroom. I pay am a monthly fee for 2 bedroom unit why I can get what I am paying for. I another issue my rci points,when we upgrade in 4-14-12 I understood that my existing points were rollover to my new account, it never happen instead they took them away. I would like to speak with Debora or Bill Massie to solve this issue. my phone number is 917-748-9441 or 917-748-8219 asap the # 7185421810 is no longer working. thank you very sad member

  • Drew Lanyon

    My wife and I are requesting an upgraded villa. Our check in date is May 10, 2013 for a 2 bedroom unit reserved under Drew Lanyon. We have a 7 month old and will also have a few guests visiting us as well. We appreciate all your help and are looking forward to our stay.

  • Mildred & Angelo Vega


    we would like to stay we are up date with all our payments but it is so hard to get someone to call us back i would like to take the kids and family. we would like someone to call us.

    thank you

    but please put us in the 3 4 bedroom, what we are paying for.

  • Melissa Nadeau

    My family is booked for April 20-27 at the Fairways villas through RCI. I am concerned with some of the reviews I’ve read. I would like to request to stay in an upgraded building since my daughter has asthma. Could you please verify this by email?
    Thank you!

    • Melissa Nadeau

      Could you please follow up on my request?

      • Bruce Flinn

        Melissa, I responded to you directly via email explaining what happens with RCI reservations as well as added a comment above for others to read. Thank you for your patience. -BruceF

  • Annette Hodges

    I own a three bedroom unit and I always have a herd time reserving it when I wish to bring my grandchildren. They always want to put me in a two bedroom if I’m paying for a three bedroom I feel I should be able to get it with no problems id there anything you can do to assist me in this matter. I’m trying to book 8/3, 8/10, 8/17, or 8/24 its very strange that there is nothing available for the owners

    • Bruce Flinn

      Annette, I have forwarded your concerns to our Customer Services department for follow up someone will be in touch to help you with your upcoming stay. -BruceF

  • Dom

    Good evening. My family and I will be visiting this upcoming Wed thru Sun. We have booked a 2 bedroom suite and are contemplating a future time share. Have all of the suites been upgraded and remodeled since some of the above reviews? Just want to have a nice time with my family.
    My wife has MS and my daughter is diabetic. Vacation and down time in a very nice and modern environment is exactly what I would like for them. Most of their day is spent checking blood sugars and doing very tedious tasks. This vacation is for them! I just want to make sure our room and stay is beautiful.
    Thanks in advance for an upgraded stay.

  • Lidia Cordero

    I was so disappointed with the last comment , but have stayed in a three floor unit before and it was nice. I hope I am getting the same design in better condition! I am really looking forward to our family vacation!! Thank you!

  • I’ll be staying at Villas at the Tree Tops for Training Camp January 21-31, 2013. Reading the comments just added to the anxiety of a difficult training course. BED BUGS? Bugs in carpets? Mold and overall dirty, run-down units with everyone requesting “upgrades” ?! Sure hope these problems were resolved already. I can’t imagine trying to sleep & study in the afore-mentioned conditions. Yuk.

  • Karen Cohen

    Hi Bruce. I must say I am surprised at some of the comments here. I stayed with my family in Fairway villa last winter, and it was a fantastic experience. The villa was gorgeous and completely spotless. We are looking very much forward to our next stay on Jan. 27-29. Unfortunately, a four bedroom unit like the one we had last year was not available, so we took a 2 bedroom. I am anticipating another enjoyable vacation, and would like to ask for an upgrade as you suggest people do after booking their reservation, which I just did. Thanks, Karen.

  • Christine

    I have been there 2 times in 2012 and had a great experience. My kids were happy there and want to come back on our next vacation. Every place I stay gets a spot check from me before anyone touches the place. So far so good.

  • Monique

    I’m planning a get away there the first week in April..,a friend of mine have a 4 bedroom villa…my question is how many people can sleep n a 4 bedroom villa?

  • Shamaine Blocker

    I will be a first time guest on Jan 4th thru Jan 6th a friend of mines who rfered me talked so highly of her stay but after seeing pics, and reading reviews I won’t buy in to the time share I will want my money back… I hope that I can have an updated villa…. I went thru so much to come since hurricane sandy messed me up from visiting the first time… or if push comes to shove I will pay more for a 3 bedroom I really want to enjoy my time & I hope everything is updated & nice

  • A. Noori

    HI Bruce,
    please note that i have a reservation starting May 24rd 2013 untils May 31st. Our reservation is for a 2-bedroom unit. i am really concerned after reading some of the comments. we would like to be upgraded to the newer units. I have a 1 years with us and my son is alergic. This will be a huge help. our reservation is thru RCI under Ahmad Noori

    thanks so much

  • Sandi Selzer

    We are visting the week of 9/30 for the first time and would like to request an upgraded unit. I sent a note when we booked over the summer, but wanted to be sure it had been taken care of. Thank you!

  • Richard Hains

    Hi Bruce
    Know this is repetitive but we have reserved a 2 bedroom unit at the end of January 2013 and after having read the revues am concerned as we plan to spend a lot of time in our unit to relax.I would very much appreciate it if we could get an updated unit.Perhaps we should have reserved a 3 bedroom as these seem to get the best revues but we do not need the extra room. We are looking forward to visiting the area and hope you can help us in this concern.
    Thank you
    Richard Hains

  • Lauren Bernstein

    Hello. I am booked under the name Lauren Bernstein, through RCI, for September 7th-10th. I reserved a room a few years ago, and while we enjoyed the surroundings the unit definitely needed an upgrade.The staff was helpful and friendly then, and I am hoping that continues. I am really hoping to get one of your upgraded units this year. Is there something I can do to ensure this? I appreciate your help.

    Lauren Bernstein

  • Susan Snyder

    Hi Bruce,

    We have a unit reserved beginning Aug. 26 through Sept. 2. We’d like to request an upgraded unit as my daughter and her husband and children from Virginia will be with us and we definitely want to make this the most pleasant vacation. As you can imagine, with kids, they don’t get away often and they’ve been waiting all summer for this vacation! Can wait to visit Bushkill! The place looks amazing!

    Another question is are there grills to use for cooking? My husband likes to grill out and he’ll be doing most of the cooking. And, is there a golf course on site? We’re planning on bringing our golf clubs for at least a day (if not more) of golfing.

    Thanks for your help. Looking forward to meeting you.


  • Betsy Jacobsen

    We have a reservation beginning August 11-18 under Roger Jacobsen for a two bedroom unit through RCI. I am wondering if we are in an updated unit, I am concerned about the reviews I am seeing on the older units. Thank you.

  • Raizel Pirutinsky

    Hi Bruce,
    I have booked a reservation this week for 2 nights 8/7 and 8/8 in a 2 bedroom villas at villas treetops and fairway. I am coming with my husband and three young children. After reading some reviews i am nervous about the condition of the villas. Myself and one of my children suffer from allergies to dust, mold (Which I know is a big problem with older carpets) I would like to request an updated new villa to make our family vacation a success. Thanks for your help!

  • Consuelo Leguizamon

    We recently did a reservation thru interval to stay from dec.30 to jan. 6th. In the treetop villas. I’m really concern about the comments I see from people who is going with toddlers because of the old units. Therefore, I was wondering if there is the possibility to get an upgraded villa since we are going with a 2 n 3 year old.. Is first time ge go this far we come from another country n we always go to florida … So we don’t want to be disappointed having to stay in an old place for a whole week n new years day… Thank you

  • Shahzad Zia

    Hi Bruce,
    My family and I will be checking in on August 4th and I just wanted to request an upgraded unit for our stay since I do have a two-year old with me. Also, we were reading some reviews and many people were not too pleased with the older units which scared my kids a little bit. So, if we could get the upgraded unit, that would be fantastic.

  • Polyak Boris

    Me my husband and my daughter family are staying in a two bedroom unit 8/3/12-8/10/12 via RCI. I want to know what type of unit it is. Also we are flying in from abroad and our flight arrives late on 08/03. Can my daughter check in by her self or does they need to wait for us. We own the RCI membership.
    Thanks Boris

    • Bruce Flinn

      Polyak, the person who’s name is on the reservation has to be the one to check-in so I would have to say yes that your daughter will have to wait. -BruceF

    • Polyak Boris

      We do have the same family name. What kind of unit do we have ? is it upgraded?

  • Amanda Lyman

    I have a reservation from 12-19 Aug. Was wondering if I could be in a updated unit. Also is there any information that can be emailed to me about activities offered at location and local areas with prices?

    thank you

    Amanda Lyman

    • Bruce Flinn

      Amanda, use the “Events” menu tab above to see what is happening on property. Do a Google search for “pocono events” to see things to do in the area. -BruceF

  • Bonnie


    My nephew & family went there the last two years and had a great time. I am planning my visit next year for a week in June I believe but why are there so many requests to be in an upgraded unit? Are they bigger?

    I need a two bedroom villa with queen beds (2 couples) Do I need to request anything different when I make arrangements?
    thank you,

    • Bruce Flinn

      Bonnie, to answer your question upgraded units are not bigger.

      I am working closely with our Customer Relations manager to provide a service for our customers. When someone requests an upgraded unit we try to accommodate them by placing them in one of our top rated villas. We are continually assessing the conditions of our units and with the feedback provided by our customers we are able to focus on areas needing improvement.

      After you make your reservation just stop by here and enter a request for an upgraded unit. All we ask is for you to return after your visit and leave us a candid review of your stay. This completes the loop and gives us insight into how well or bad we are performing. -BruceF

  • Jasmin Rivera

    I am schedule to stay there also on those dates but i went on villa treetop and fairway.

  • Jasmin Rivera

    Hi I have reservations for Aug 31-Sept 2 I would like to know if I am in an older or new Villa ? Im reading all these comments about unsatisfy customers. Kinda if scared

  • Just got back from one of the worst vacations we have had in thirty years, bugs in the townhouse burnt carpet, black toilet bowels ripped wallpaper, over all just a dump. When we first got there , my wife and I unloaded all are suit cases and decided to go to the store and pick up a few supplies and when we got back to the unit there was bugs inside the unit every where, called the front desk who put me through to housekeeping who said to me and I quote ” your in the Pocono and you have to expect bugs, bears, racoons and I said back to her “in our townhouse?] Well they moved us to a cleaner unit [they never even offered to come and help us move] and we stayed four days. I would never go back to that dump ever. If you want ants in your ceral go ther.

  • Chris

    What’s the largest size unit and how many do you have onsite; do you have a banquet hall, and how far is the nearest waterpark???

  • Chris

    Hi, I would like to know if you could rent multiple adjacent units say like for a reunion and if so; if one adult from each unit attends
    the meeting would the special rate be honored, and
    how many units would you allow????

  • Virginia Meller

    My family and I are staying in a two bedroom unit 8/10/12-8/17/12 via RCI. I want to know what type of unit it is. Is it new or old? Some of the comments are making us nervous. Where can I find out about the charges (if any) for things like bumper boats and such? Thanks!

    • Bruce Flinn

      Virginia, you are in an upgraded unit.

      For information on activities please visit:

      Not all activities list prices as some are managed by third parties and they set the rate schedule. -BruceF

    • Lady

      It worth it don’t let thee people up here , mes with your head ,Me n myhusband with via RCI and we brought the time share ,it was the best ever n the villi ,u would not believe it , it’s beautiful , so go enjoy and have fun

  • Malcolm

    Am I paying monthly for the membership or the villa itself

  • Imani Young

    I sent an earlier concern about the Villas at Fairway. After reading some of the other comments I noticed that some people requestd to stay in your most recent renovated units. I would like to request thsi also. One of the couples that are coming are looking to purchase a vacation spot in the Poconos and I would like for them to be impressed with Faiway. I have not compelted my booking but will book whitin the next week. I am booking a 3 bedroom (sleeps 8-10) for 11/9-11-16, 2012. Please let me know if you cna get a renovated unit for us. than you.

    • Sharon Clark

      Im trying to sell my unit, its in the new buildings beautiful property 2 stories looks like a house sleeps 12 people with the lockoff apt,my kids are grownup now and I never use it Im just paying every month, you said your friend is interested in a unit maybe we should chat,let me know.

  • Imani Young

    I am getting ready to book a 3 bedroom (sleeps 8-10) at Fairway. My group is used to staying at 4 and 5 star vacation places. I notice that Fairway only has 3 stars and I cannot see any pictures of the interior. Can you tell me how I can see pictures of the 3 bedroom unit and is Fairway equipped with modern furnishings and amenities? I do not want to be disappointed with the uint once we arrive. We will be staying from 11-9/11-16, 2012. Thank You.

  • Eve

    Any Career opportunities available?

  • Wendy

    Hi bruce i would like to see pictures of the fairway 3 and 4 bedroom villas

  • keisha

    Hi, I will be staying at The Villas the second week in April 2012 and I just wanted to know if there are any activities or special entertainment going on that weekend for families or kids.

  • barbara ball

    i really love my home resort. i forgot to book for this year and really need two 4-bedroom unit for the third or fourth week in August of this year . Please help…

  • debbie fenton

    Hi Bruce,

    We are coming to stay on March 4th for a week and we are looking forward to staying here as we have never been . I was reviewing some comments and were are just concerned with some of the comments regarding the condos. Please reassure us that we will not be disappointed.

    thanks so much


  • Tamoa Avila

    Im looking to renta a villa for March 16-18 that holds a family of 9 ,I would like to know thte rate and what does this includes.

  • John Zedella

    Dear Sir:

    We just recently made reservations for the Villa at Fairway fro the week of August 31-September 7 inclusive through the RCI exchange system.

    We have reserved a two-bedroom unit.

    I see by the photographs of the resort that the buildings are multi-story.

    My wife has had a recent—June 27th—hip replacement.

    She is navigating pretty well, all things considered, but my question concerns the possibility of being assigned a unit with the fewest steps.

    If no such accommodation can be made, we will still be able to do just fine in seven months.

    Thank you. John J. Zedella



    • Bruce Flinn

      Jennifer, Thanks for the great question. I replied to you via email with a link to our sister site but in the meantime your question has prompted me to add a book it button to the bottom of the Two Bedroom Villa page for everyones convenience. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for sometime but just never got around to it. Thanks again and enjoy your stay. -BruceF

  • Sortie

    What is the going rate for a one week villa rental in Februaury?