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Pocono Resorts - The Villas at Tree Tops

The Villas at Tree Tops in the Pocono Mountains. Tree Tops offers a 18-hole golf course, newly renovated health club, whirlpool baths, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools. Tree Tops Villas are spacious, well-maintained accommodations with all the comforts of home. Add it all up, and you’ve got Tree Tops Villas.

There are so many activities at Tree Tops. Surrounded by trails for hiking, slopes for snowtubing, rivers for rafting and water sports, it’s a place that will very quickly come to feel like home, a place you’ll cherish for years to come, and a place that you can easily afford today.

Two Bedroom - Living Area

Two Bedroom - Living Area

Two Bedroom Villa – Description & Photos

Valley Station - Pool, BBQ Grills, Pavilion

Valley Station - Pool, BBQ Grills, Pavillion

Tree Tops Pool, BBQ Grills

Tree Tops Pool, BBQ Grills

260 comments to Pocono Resorts – The Villas at Tree Tops

  • Bev Oliansky

    Dear Bruce,

    Last time my family and I stayed at the Villas at Fairway. This time I have made a reservation for my friend of many, many years (since I was two years old) for the end of July. The only units available for two bedrooms was in Tree Tops. We got the two bedroom that sleeps 8/6 which is GREAT but I wondered if I could request you to do what you do so well and make sure it is one that has been up- dated and is clean. For myself I would not bother you but I am hoping they can really enjoy all aspects of this four day vacation. I would really appreciate any help you can give. The vacation dates are July 28-31, 2013 Reservation # is 528413841. My friends name for which I purchased a guest ertificate, is Cynthia Kasper.
    Thanks Bruce, Have a great week.

    Bev Oliansky

    • Bill Paré

      Hi Bruce,
      I have not seen a reply to my request yet. If you replied would you please send it to me again.
      Thank you,
      Bill Paré

      • Bruce Flinn

        Hi Bill, I sent you an email with an explanation. Will be in touch as soon as I have a determination on your reservation. -BruceF

  • Bruce Flinn

    Jay, visit the two bedroom page on our web site (link below) and click the “Book a Villa” icon to our current rates. -BruceF

  • Bruce Flinn

    Felicia, I emailed a reply to you on 04/15 @ 5:36PM let me know if you didn’t get it. After your stay please consider returning to your original comment above and leave us a reply with how your stay was. Much appreciated. -BruceF

  • Teri McLaughlin

    My parents have booked a week stay for my family August 18, 2013 through August 25,2013. They unfortunately could not get a 2 bedroom villa for us & now my son will have to sleep on the sleeper sofa. I was wondering if you have any type of a waiting or cancellation list so that we could possibly get a 2 bedroom if one becomes available. This will be our first time staying there & we are looking forward to it! Thank you for time.

  • felicia south

    hi Bruce,
    I haven’t heard anything from you yet, can you please let me me know if any of this is possible
    Felicia south

  • Rosa

    I booked through Endless Vacations for March 24th – 26th and have emailed twice to confirm but have yet to receive a response. Could you check to see if my reservation is in order? Thanks!

  • Bruce Flinn

    Just a reminder. Please provide the full name on the reservation and the arrival date when sending in requests. This saves us time when trying to locate you in the system. Otherwise we may not be able to complete your request on time due to missed communications back and forth.

    For those that are coming in through RCI please note we do not receive your reservation information from RCI until about two weeks prior to your arrival. Please keep this in mind when making any requests for changes.

    Thank you. -BruceF

    PS. We’ve been receiving a fair number of requests only days prior to arrival which does not leave us much time to work with. Please understand if we are not able to grant requests that are received a day or two before an arrival date. We will do what we can but there are no guarantees when working with such short notice. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Terry Miller

    Hi Bruce:
    I have booked through RCI for a 4 bedroom unit at the villas at fairway. Bringing my 5 grandchildren and can’t seem to find any pictures or info regarding the snow tubing facilities there at the resort. Is there a website that I should go to?

    • Bruce Flinn

      Hi Terry, I just updated our Amenities page with links to more detail for each of our amenities. Simply click the amenity title you are interested in to get more info. These links go to our sister site the Fernwood Resort. Enjoy your stay and if there is anything else you need please let me know. -BruceF

      • tatiana bedoya

        Hi, I wanted to see if we can get an updated unit. We are checking in on friday march 1-3. Reservation name is under tatiana bedoya and is a 3bedroom unti we have. Everytime I seem to get an outdated unit and the ac never working properly..
        Thank You

        • Bruce Flinn

          Tatiana, I will try what I can but due to late nature of your request and as you are arriving tomorrow I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to make sufficient arrangements. I do hope you understand if it is not possible to grant your request. Respectfully. -BruceF

        • Bruce Flinn

          Tatiana, good news. As it turns out you were originally assigned one of our better rated units so there was no need to move you. Enjoy your stay and if afterwards it would be appreciated if you would return here and leave us a follow up reply about your stay. Good, bad or indifferent it will help us to stay focused on providing a quality experience for our customers like yourself. -BruceF

  • Erica Dorvault

    I am interested in doing a deed-back on my timeshare.
    Can I get some information on how I can go about doing this.
    I have an annual right to use floating week with RCI points.
    Paid in Full (no mortgage and maintenance fees are up to date).
    Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Erica, Someone will be in contact with you soon about your question. If you do not have a reply by 02/27/2013 please let me know. -BruceF

  • Joseph Hill


    I’m looking to rent a two bedroom villa for valentine’s day weekend. Do I have to be a member? If not, where do I go to inquire about reserving a villa. Thanks

  • Meyers

    Hi Bruce,
    I am an owner at tree tops….2 bedroom with loft. I wanted to come up and bring 3 other family’s with us for referrals. I received an email that said if I bring referal they amd myself will have 3day / 2 night in your villas plus VIP family passes (I assume it means snow tubing and what ever else you have going on) I have been trying to get through to referal dept but an answering machine always comes on….I left voice mail but no call back yet. I figured they would call back since I am bringing 3 referrals possibly even 4. We are looking to come Feb 15 2013 weekend. If you could please help me get this set up I would aprriciate it. Thanks in advance

    • Bruce Flinn

      I have forwarded your request to someone that will be able to help you. If you do not hear from them in the next couple of days please let me know. -BruceF

  • Pia

    Hi Mr. Flinn,
    We have booked a reservation for a two bedroom villa for the weekend of January 10-13 under Joel Rivera. We are traveling with family and friends and are looking forward to our stay. I would like to request one of the updated units, as I have read several positive comments about them. Also, one of our sons has allergies, and a newer unit would make the weekend much more pleasant for him. Thank you in advance for your help:-)

    • Bruce Flinn

      Pia, you are all set with one of our better rated villas. I have sent you an email with further details. Enjoy your stay. -BruceF

  • Inna Goldshteyn

    Who is Bruce Flinn. Cause I called the resort and they never heard of him.

  • Christopher Manns

    Hi Bruce!
    Sorry for the late request. The wife booked us through RCI for 12/24 – 12/30, Reservation under Anita Manns. I believe she has us down for two one bedroom units, which is fine, but I’m wondering if one of the units has a full kitchen? We will need a place for all of us to prepare meals and eat together.

    Christopher Manns

  • Hello, I have a 3 bedroom (8-10ppl) booked for Jan 4-11th,based on previous reviews Im concerned with the condition of the villa. I would like to request an updated unit (if someone can get back to me regarding this that would be great)

  • Nicole S. Nixon

    Good afternoon and Happy Holidays. My family and I are checking in tomorrow. We booked through RCI. The reservation is under the names Donita Nixon and Nicole Nixon. My youngest son (3) has ashtma and had a few flare ups recently. If it is at all possible we could get an updated room, that would be greatly appreciated. We were also told the unit would be able to accomodate 6-8. However, our reservations say 6. We invited guests so we really need the accomodations for the 6-8 if at all possible. I have never been to your facility but my mom (Donita) has. She enjoyed herself. I am looking forward to our stay and us having a great time for the holidays. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to make our trip the best!!!

  • Wayne and Andrea Robinson

    Hi, Bruce. I sent 2 messages a few months ago but never received a response. We are booked for a 1 bedroom from 12/23/12 through 12/30/12 via RCI exchange and wanted to know if it was possible to be assigned an updated unit. Our 7-year-old suffers from asthma so we would greatly appreciate a newer unit.

    Also, can you tell me if the 1 bedroom units have 1 TV or 2.

    Thanks so much.

    Wayne and Andrea Robinson

    • Wayne and Andrea Robinson

      Bruce, I don’t know if we had an updated unit or not, but we just returned home on Sunday and our family really enjoyed our stay. After reading previous reviews, we were very nervous and weren’t sure what to expect. The villa was a pleasant surprise. It was smaller than we thought it would be but overall it was quite comfortable and cozy for a family of 4, particularly with the bedroom being on the 2nd floor, which was nice. We hated to leave and hope to come back again soon.

      We only have a few complaints/issues. The mattress on the sofa bed was horrible. You could feel every spring through it and we hated to have to have our 2 boys sleep on it for a week. Stacking several blankets on top of it helped a little bit, but I hope that your company will consider updating the sofa bed mattresses. Another issue was a small thing but it would have been nice if the TV in the bedroom was a flat screen. I couldn’t hook my laptop up to it because it was an old set so I couldn’t watch movies on the TV while my boys, who are gamers, used the TV in the living room. Our last issue was the fact that the Wifi is so expensive. We did purchase it for 2 out of our 7 days there and it worked perfectly fine, but it was quite expensive at $20 for just 2 days. But we made out just fine despite these little issues.

      Anyone looking to stay here, do not hesitate to do so. We’ve stayed in upscale resorts and private villas as well as 2 star places before. This resort was nice and we had a terrific time! The staff was very nice and helpful and the shuttle pickup was great. We left our car at the villa and took the shuttle to the main building to the restaurants. Karaoke night was much fun! It made for a perfect little mountain getaway and is close to everything; shopping, casino, skiing, etc. We even had 4-6 inches of snow and made a snowman outside our villa! What more could you ask at Christmas?

  • John and Janice Cunningham

    Hello Bruce,
    I have a reservation for two 2 bedroom units that starts on 12/23/12. I booked through RCI trades and am hoping for snow in the Poconos! We have most of our family visiting, and would really appreciate an upgraded unit!

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

  • Blanca Diaz

    Hello! Mr. Bruce. We are bringing a family group in for the New Year´s week, and we would really like to impress them because we would love to make this a yearly occassion. Our reservations are under the name of Jesus Cabral and Blanca Díaz through RCI, and we have four units (three 2- bedrooms and the other 1 bedroom) for a group of 18 people in total, including my mother who is 80 years old, parents of 50`s, teenagers (18-20 years old) and children (8-10 years old). We are all from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as this will be our first visit to your resort and the Poconos/Pennsylvania area.

    We’re a little worried about some negative comments, but we are still excited to get in there. Therefore, we would really appreciate your kind assistance so that we may experience the best of your resort, and if there is any availability for newer units, we would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

    We look forward to meeting you. Thank you very much for your attention to this message.

    With best regards,

    Blanca Diaz and Jesus Cabral
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    RCI members since 1988

    • Bruce Flinn

      Blanca, you are all set. I sent you an email with your details.

      Have a great vacation. -BruceF

      • Blanca Diaz

        Hi Bruce,

        This is just to thank you, again, for your kind attention given to my initial request concerning our reservations in your resort. Indeed, we had a wonderful time, and everything went just wonderdul! Our group really enjoyed our stay at the villas (although the mattresses need to be replaced for better comfort), the weather was perfect and the area was beautiful with full of snow, and even we had a slide in the hills next to the swowtubing facility which was amazing. For sure, we did not want to leave the Tree Top Villas. Thanks, again, for having pleased us! Blessings!!

  • Debbie Simmons

    Hi I have been reading all the reviews and after booking in the Villas at Fairway I am a little concerned. I am an owner of Marriott in Hawaii and I must say have been pretty spoiled. I am an Interval International owner. I am coming in on December 14 and staying until the 21st. What is the difference between Fernwood Resort and Villas at Fairway. Villas at Fairway is located in Bushkill correct. Well Mr Flinn I am sure everyone would like an upgraded unit I myself would be one. I am sure you cant accomodate everyone I am just wanting to be talked off the ledge. After reading all the comments most sound awful. I realize Marriott is a high bar but please tell me I am not staying in a dump.. As of now I still plan to come, and after my stay I promise I will post if it is nice.. I think you need more of those nice comments. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do or be concerned about. I thank you for your time and look forward to my getaway I think..

  • Jean Townsend

    had a week booked November 4th thru the 11th. Unfortunately unable to attend because of hurricane. My son used it for the last 3 days. any way I can have a replacement reservation for 3 days? looking to travel Dec 26-29.

    Our town was hit pretty hard. I work at nursing home and my husband works in heating, both of us had to report to work once we could get out of our town. appreciate anything you can do

  • Jeff Havers


    I will be arriving with my family on November 4th. Is it possible to have a refurbished unit. The last time we stayed we had a great time, the staff was very pleasant, but the unit was not in the best shape.

    Thank you!


  • Desiree Taylor

    Hello Bruce

    I have a reservation for this coming Thursday, October 25 thru the 28th. I have 2 small children and would appreciate if you would place us in one of the newer units as one of the children suffers from allergies. ALso, are there activities at this time of the year for them. Looking forward to our visit.

    Thanks you,

    Desiree Taylor

  • Sandy Rademacher

    I set up a vacation for my husband and myself to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay. We will be arriving 10/26/12 and leaving 11/2/12. We have reservations for a 3 bedroom unit, with a full kitchen. Since there is probably only going to be the 2 of us, if you need to, you can change our unit to a 2 bedroom, not sure what requests you have received. I would like to request from you for an updated unit! I appreciate your hard work with everyone’s request! Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to my stay at your resort.

  • Nicholas Sumbles

    Hi Bruce,
    My furture bride to be will be there Oct 7- 14…
    Can we please have an upgrade to a new remodeled unit…
    We are there so I ask my lady to marry me, her father said yes.
    Her son got married 3 weeks ago and my son will be on Feb. 16, 2013…
    I did not want to steal any of the thunder of their weddings.
    If you need my reservation number please let me know.
    Please I hoe you help and make this the best vacation we have before we get married…
    Thank you in advance…

    • Nicholas Sumbles

      Bruce my reservation is xxxxx and I hope you have WIFI also… please me let me know… xxx-xxx-xxxx
      Nicholas and Jeanie

  • Frank De

    Hello Bruce,

    We have reserved a weeks stay for my mom and her sisters..starting on October 11th…Can you send me your email to my email address. There are a few questions I would like to ask you in preparation for their visit.


    • Frank De

      Bruce…Arrival date is 11 OCT…although they will be arriving on 12 Oct…reservation is under Carolyn DeAngelo. They would like an upgrade to a refurbished unit if possible…some medical issues with some of the travelers..thanks

  • Belinda Jenkins

    I am coming up October 25-28th for my birthday with my fiance and soon to be step son. We love the Poconos and when this opportunity came to us to stay and go to the presentation, it seemed like a no brainer ….now the reveiws, I’m scared. Please let us know if we stay that we will not be exposed to such filth and unsanitary conditions. My birthday was ruined last year in my home state (NY), please don’t make it happen again out of state, this year.

  • Mariel Diaz

    Hello Bruce,
    I dont like leaving reviews but I will make an exception this time in response to all the bad reviews I have read in this website. I first visited the villas with my family and my Uncle Jose Contreras in July this year (2012) and so far I have been back there 4 times and We’ve had a pleasant stay. My Uncle have been there almost every weekend since the first time we went and I would have been there even more times if I had more time off.
    It is a very relaxing place and the villas are very nice and comfortable. All the villas we have stayed have been the old ones also and The oldest villas are the ones with the lower numbers I could say I have stayed in the very first ones but eventhough they are very old, they have been well maintained.
    I will be there “again” this weekend Leaving today Sept 21 and hopefuly, like everyone else, I would like to stay in a new villa but just because of the carpet obviously needs cleaning.
    My advise, I think that if you clean the carpet more often the guests would be less concerned about getting a new villa or not because I’m certain the whole appearance of the villa, even any smell would be more pleasant. Also, if you would place a Leave a Comment or Suggesion in each villa, The guests will write down any issues they may have and I’m sure that management will try to fix them.

    Like I said for a place where some villas are so old you wouldnt even say because they look great and the whole panorama is amaizing.

    • Donna Martinez

      i was at the villas in july 2012 and althought it may be dated it was clean our tvs were updated to flat screens and my family and i enjoyed it we referred about 30 other families and they all enjoyed it as well! my children loved it and we had an awesome week there! people love to complain but forget the reason we are there…we are there for time away from the city and fresh air and time with our families and kids. its a home away from home and we all need to treat the villas that way some members dont some like to complain all the time it is impossible to please everyone! i had a horrible accident leaving the villas and have had 4 surgeries since july i was called by the team there and they are warm and caring i cant wait to get better walking and go back there with my husband and kids i wanna say thank you to the villas for giving us this great place to call our home away from home well kept and maintained grounds and staff that makes you feel like family!!some people are just complainers selfish and some are humble and sweet….for me and my family we look foward to many years here thank you for doing a great job!!!!!!

  • Sue Nardino

    Hi Bruce.. I have read many comments on here and TripAdvisor re: the Villas at Tree Tops and in spite of some of the bad ones we decided to book a one week stay in a 2bdrm villa arriving Nov. 4th. I find that many people only think to leave comments when they are negative and they forget to leave ones when they have a great time. And since my kids will be delighted with the indoor pool alone, I figured we’d chance it. But if we could be placed in an updated unit that would be awesome; I understand, however, that not everyone’s requests can be honored. We’ll leave a comment either way on this site as well as TripAdvisor after our stay. Thanks for anything you can do.

  • Verlisha Fleming

    Hello all, Bruce you must be the man! I booked a 2 bedroom villa (Loft) arriving 9/21/12-9/23/12 and I would greatly appreciate an updated unit! Celebrating my husbands 40th birthday! Thanks In Advance (reservation is under Verlisha Fleming)

  • kedra johnson

    I made a request that is no longer displayed. I neex an update unit due to asthma for my daughter and i. Sept 16-23 under Kedra Johnson. Please advise.

  • Rose Davis

    Hello, I am reading all the reviews. We are coming this weekend to take a lovely tour of your grounds and stay for the weekend. Heard alot of good things and want to see it for myself. I hope we are going into a new model unit as well. If we like it this will definitely be somewhere we would like to spend time in for the winter vaca or holidays.

  • Sabrina

    I stayed at the Treetop Villas this weekend. From the post I thought I was going to be so disappointed. I wasnt it was nice a little old fashioned but nice. The kids loved it me and my husband loved it. We are planning to go back in two weeks. What I realized was that the hotel and villas are two different inteties and I am assuming that the post are about the Fermwood Hotel which I found out is not owned by the Treetop Villas. So at the end of the day I would definitely recommend. Hope this post helps.

  • Kedra Johnson

    Hello Mr. Flinn,

    My daughter (2years) myself and her father will be there on Sept 16th. My daughter and myself have very bad allergies and I would like a newer unit if available. I hear they are all relatively the same, but a little newer could make a difference given our circumstances. We have both just gotten over bad allergies (asthma) & myself a sinus infection.

    I hear great things about the resort and I am looking forward to a wonderful Stay- Reservation is under Kedra Johnson

    thank you again,

  • Hi! We made a reservation through RCI for checkin 9/28. This will be our 5th year coming to this area. My husband and father-inlaw love to fish near there. Mostly we have stayed at your resort(usually tree tops). Would it be possible to make sure we are in an updated villa this year. The last few years we have been in the older villas and have always had some issues. One year upon checking in we could not get in the unit b/c our door wouldn’t unlock (battery or something) after finally getting in it smelled so bad (musty, mildew smell from something leaking/carpet was still soaked) they finally got us a new unit…
    I’m hoping this year is better or we may head back to one of the other resorts. This would be unfortunate as your location is so close to their favorite lake..

  • theresa Balduzzi

    I am an owner at the villas. We own a 3 bedroom unit. When we purchased our unit some 21 years ago (we started with a 2 bedroom and then upgraded) this was a gold crown resort. We have stayed here several times and each time found the resort to be going down hill. I would love to be able to use our host resort and not exchange all the time, but our last stay was less then pleasant, broken dish washer which we called to have repaired they never showed up, a bed that was so uncomfortable it was impossible to sleep on a sofa sleeper which had NO mattress in it. We also called but it was never repaired. We stayed during the time between Christmas and new years. We also found open candy and wrappers under the sofa. I understand that the resort is large, but dont understand why the company isnt doing more to upgrade and get there gold crown standing back. I cant even give this timeshare away! Sorry to see such a great place going to the dogs. You should stop building new and start repairing and replacing the old. Why do people have to call to ask for upgraded clean units ? They should all be that way. Although we have had many great timeshare vacations over the 20 years we have been vacationing I wonder what I’ll do when I no longer can pay my maintenance and then have to burden family with an unusable vacation spot. We originally purchased here as it was a beautiful place close to home and unfortunately as with MANY timeshares across the country, they just aren’t being maintained properly and they are impossible to sell. I wish to have a fantastic experience at Fairway but refuse to take a chance and waste a week of my time there. With little free time why would anyone come to your resort and take a chance at being disappointed. We paid a decent amount of money for our golf season floating week-deeded, and our maintenance is also expensive, and I cant even enjoy the facility. It does seem that the company is trying to address the situation, but I wonder if they can ever get it right.

  • Mary K

    We stayed at Treetop with another couple in March. We found the 2 bedroom unit clean and comfortable but very shabby with furniture that was scarred and cabinets and bathrooms that were very much outdated. The shower head was nothing more that a small tube where water came out with little to no pressure. The second bedroom had no TV. We called and asked if we could get a TV for that room and were told TV’s were not available for second rooms. The coffee pot did not work and after 2 calls….approximately an hour and half later… received a new one. We are planning a trip again in November and would like to stay at Treetop but only if we can be assured of a updated unit.

  • Rosa C

    I stayed at the villa twice already (Once in the winter and once in the summer) and I must say my friends and I had an amazing time! We went skiing and snow tubing in the winter time and we went to the Delaware river in the summer time. We are looking forward on going again in a few weeks and hopefully making it a yearly “bonding” trip.
    Great place to stay.
    I Love IT!!!

  • Linn Zimmeerman

    Hello Mr Flinn, My husband and I are spending a week at the Treetop Villas from Sept 2 – Sept.9 Our reservations are in my sister’s name;Ellen Mack. We were wondering if we could get a upgrade and a refurbished unit. We are looking forward to this vacation and can’t wait for it to begin. I would appreciate it if you could assist in this matter.

  • Michael Tiazkun

    Hello Mr. Bruce Flinn, I Just booked a week with RCI at your resort for the week of September 2nd to the 9th, 2012. I am requesting an updated room for my stay. This is our first time at Tree Tops and hope to say that we would like to return again, and recommend it to our friends. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.

  • Stan rose

    Hi bruce! We are Staying on a 2 bedroom villa this weekend, aug from 25-27? Can i request for a refurbished unit? My mother has an asthma plus we have a baby, so if its possible if you can give us a smoke free villa? Both of my parents are coming with us so i would like to make a good impression. Looking forward to a great weekend! Thanks very much! 

    • Bruce Flinn

      Stan, sent you an email reply earlier. We are unable to find a reservation under the name you have supplied. Please reply to my email with the name on the confirmation notice for your reservation.

      Please keep in mind that this is really late notice on a very busy weekend – we’ll try when we get a reply from you (if it’s in time we leave around 5 5:30) so no guarantees – OK. -Sincerely, BruceF

  • debbie

    Hi I Will there sept 7th. Can you please get me into a newer unit. Name is debbie negron. Thanks


    Hello! How are you Sir? I am bringing the family in for a week stay. I would really like to impress them because i would love to make this a yearly occassion. If there is any availability for newer units i would greatly greatly appreciate it. Our reservations are under MAZAL YUSUFOV and ANGELA WILSON with RCI. Both villas I reqested to be in Tree Tops and very close to each other please, for the week of August 24. to the 31th 2012.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Karen Sweigert

    We just returned from a week-long stay at Tree Tops and loved it. The only maintenance issues we had were a broken oven door and the sliding screen door kept coming off the track. They sent someone out a few hours after we called to fix it. He was extremely courteous and helpful and tried to fix the screen as well (we didnt mention the screen when we called). Sorry I didnt get his name. There were a few little cosmetic issues like chipped paint on the spiral staircase railing but we weren’t expecting a 5 star place to begin with so it didnt bother us. The area we were in was very quiet and peaceful. We were on the 10th hole and enjoyed watching people golf during our down-time. We went on the winery tour Wednesday and hiked at Bushkill Falls. The whole area is beautiful! We would definitely come back. The only suggestion I would make would be to have more activities geared toward teenagers. We were traveling with a 13 and 15 year-old. It seemed most activities went up to age 12 or you had to be atleast 18 to participate.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Karen, we appreciate you returning to the site and leaving us your comments and suggestions. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and hope to have you back next year. Best Regards. -BruceF

      • Ada Myteberi-Ferreira

        I am visiting this September 2nd with all my fam. and we have two units sleep 8 &6s. It is crucial that we get our units right in front of the pool at treetop. We willhave have 4been kids under 4what years old.How can we make sure we get the units close to eachother and the pool?

        • Ada Myteberi-Ferreira

          Newer units would be great since we will have two newborns and a crawler :)How who gets everywhere.

    • Jonathan & Vanessa Okoye

      Dear Bruce, we stayed at your resort, myself, wife and four kids from July 18th to 20th. I never knew of this forum of expression it’s a great resource. When we arrived at the villa we where not impressed and I thought to myself that I was going to get in trouble with the lady cos it was my idea but when we got in the two bed room it wasn’t as bad as we where expecting judging from the outside. The only problem we had was that the hot tub was dirty and the shower head was broken, when you open the shower it runs upwards to the ceiling messing up the ceiling.Paints already wearing of the ceiling as a result. We called and in no time the shower head was replaced. As for the tub I had to go out to get materials to clean it,still my lady wouldn’t use it. Bruce, it will be a good thing if the properties will be inspected properly before guest arrival and little repairs that will cost greater damage if left undone taken care of. All your staff members we encountered were great!
      We are booked to return on August 29 to 31th. I was wondering if it’s possible to get a newer unit. I want to prove my point to my wife. Thanks, you are doing a great Job before I found this forum I was lost but finding it and reading through the contents gave me hope.

  • greg hamilton

    Hello! how are you? I am bringing the family in for a weekend stay. I would really like to impress them because i would love to make this a yearly occassion. If there is any availability for newer units i would greatly greatly appreciate it. Our reservations are under Gregory Hamilton and Juan Aquino for the weekend of August 24. to the 26th 2012

    • Bruce Flinn

      Mr. Hamilton, thank you for the comments and yes we have assigned you two of our top rated units. I will be sending you an email with your unit numbers for reference when checking in. -BruceF

  • Michael Lingenfelter

    Hello Bruce!
    My other half and I will be coming up on Sept. 2 for the week for our honeymoon. September 2nd is also my soon-to-be wife’s birthday, and we would really appreciate an upgrade if at all possible. We’re a little worried about the negative comments, but we are still excited to come visit!
    Thank you!

    • Bruce Flinn

      Michael, we have been able to fulfill your request for an upgraded unit. Enjoy you stay. I will be sending you an email as well. -BruceF

  • Bruce Flinn

    Just to let everyone know your requests are being processed the day you send them in. I have been working on a project that has required all of my time lately so I apologize for not responding personally to every comment.

    If you are or have requested an upgrade it has been setup to the best of our abilities. This is our busy season and most weekends we are booked so options to move people into our best rated units is extremely limited. Thank you for your patience and understanding. -BruceF

  • Linda Guy

    Hi Bruce, l left you a message on Aug 9, 2012, and here it is a week later and l have not received an answer from you. So today I did talk to your reservation department about my medical disability and problem climbing stairs, and they said they would accomodate me. I just wanted you to know the update, so you wont have to research my options. I just hope they give me a newer updated 2 bedroom unit.

  • Linda Guy

    Hi Bruce,
    I have booked a two bedroom/two bathroom villa and are due to arrive on August 26. 2012 thru September 2, 2012. I have a medical disability and post two knee surgeries, I have a lot of trouble climbing stairs. This is a special request for a newer updated villa on the first floor, hopefuly with no staris for me to worry about climbing. Would there be any extra fees for this request? Thanks for your consideration.

  • Chris Pitoscia

    I have a reservation through RCI for 9/7-9/9. Can I please request an upgraded/newer villa please. Looking forward to our weekend getaway at your resort.

  • Theresa

    Hi I am coming up on Sunday to stay for the week. I was wondering if we could have an upgraded unit. The reservation name should be under La Spisa. Also are there any water parks or amusement parks near the hotel. Thanks



  • Gloria

    We were satisfied with our unit but left a note stating several things that needed to be repaired. There was a burned iron mark on the carpet in the loft. The one toilet leaked and the leak was worse by the end of the week. The dishwasher bottom rack had a missing wheel which made it difficult to smoothly use it. The one screen was torn and unsightly. However, we had a good time in the Poconos and enjoyed our stay. The accomodations were not worthy of a 5 rating – more like a 3.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Thank you Gloria for returning and giving us your candid feedback. I appreciate the details and will do a follow up to see that these issues were/are addressed by the maintenance staff. Thanks again. -BruceF

  • Susan Eastman

    Our stay was from July 7 – 14. We were in Pines 1806(?). I am unsure of the exact number but it was an end unit. We requested a loft and an updated unit. We got the loft but I would not say the unit was updated. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were very old and outdated. The beds were extremely hard and unforgiving. Our toilets did not always flush, so we used the plunger several times. We found the kitchen supplies (pots/pans/utensils) to be minimal. The unit was sufficiently clean and did get a new flat screen TV installed in the living room while we were there. We did not call and inquire if the unit was considered updated. We only spent part of our week in PA and traveled to see friends in other states, so we decided the unit would suffice since we weren’t going to be in it all week. It was apparent that we were in one of the original buildings since the other sections we drove past were visually more appealing and newer. Overall, it wasn’t a horrible experience; however, out of all the different places we have stayed over the past 20 years, this was our least favorite.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Susan, thank you for returning and leaving us your review. I will get your exact villa number from your reservation and have maintenance look into replacing the springs on the beds and look at the plumbing for the toilets. The villas should be stocked with dinning utensils for 6 persons and necessary pots and pans. Would you be able to elaborate on what you mean by minimal? Thank you. -BruceF

    • Bruce Flinn

      Susan, after following up with maintenance they had no record of contact from you during your stay concerning the problems you’ve listed. If this is not the case please let me know.

      If it is true then please anyone reading this I strongly recommend to you that we have a maintenance staff on call and if you experience any problems with your villa please call them. I’ve said this many times before in previous comments. We can’t assist you if we don’t know there are issues. The best time to address an issue is while you are on property.

      Susan, at the first opportunity when the villa is not occupied the maintenance staff will do an inspection of the items you mentioned. Respectfully, -BruceF

  • tracee

    I just made a reservation over the phone is this the right place? Tree tops is the websight the lady just gave me. My reservation are for aug 31 – sept 2nd.

  • Hello. I have read most all of these questions, requests, concerns, complaints and even the few who reported about their GOOD stays. My family will be arriving Aug. 24th, 2012 to The Villas at Fairway, to a three (3) bedroom unit, reserved through RCI (We are Gold Members but back on March 4th when I called to make the reservation they told me there were no four (4) bedrooms available for this specific week for which we needed, as that is the week we need to be caring for our precious 2 3/4 year old grandson!) I, as another stated, am of the mind that we will just have to wait the 28 days and see what we get when we check in and if there are problems attempt to get them solved then and there. I also feel that GOOD accommodations and service deserve to be noted, especially when places are rated by customer reviews. Yours, tho, is the first time I have seen a page as this is. I have been impressed. A thought I had to many comments is if there is a difference between the year the various buildings were built and their updating? We have stayed at Shawnee numerous times to get together for Thanksgiving and have had some of their OLDER “community” accommodations which we wouldn’t ask to go back to and then different sections of another “community” which has more recently and less recently built units. And others which are in between. Shawnee is a location which serves as a convenience in time of questionable weather where we can all meet and be together. The more recently built has been our desired accommodations and we were lucky enough to get them repeated for the last few years. This year, as Wyndham Gold members, we have reserved the Crestview which are very new… We toured Crestview when taking the Wyndham sales pitch there… Which worked :)
    I seemed to get the feeling from other’s comments that The Villas at Tree Top seem to have more complaints specific to them, although so many others don’t specify. I wondered if they were older, built previous to The Villas at Fairway? I think that there is information available, as to when buildings of resorts were built- either the resort’s site or the resort itself or RCI has the information.
    I think that your Nov. 14th, 2011 posting was NEEDED, if people read it, and well done as I found all your responses. As to June 21st, 2012 post, I think that when someone is sending you a report on their stay they should be sure to indicate where it was, specifically, that they stayed and are referring to including when they stayed there. Unit # is great! All seasons resorts have amenities specific to the time of year when someone is there and they should realize there could be differences. They should speak to someone associated with the resort to clarify the availability for their interests.
    I admire and commend you on your respectful and honest approach in answering the posted comments and questions. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind here. I hope people read what you have taken the time and thought to post, to heart and respond in kind. I will be back the first week in September. Take care.
    Sincerely, Bev Oliansky from North Carolina

    • Bruce Flinn

      Hi Bev, thank you for the comments. Yes as with any resort of our size some units are older than others that’s just the nature of growth in our business. We are continually reviewing the conditions of our facility and upgrading units as needed. That is why I strongly recommend our customers to reach out and provide honest and helpful reviews of their stay including interactions with the staff and especially the conditions of their villa.

      Thank you again for expressing your support and have a wonderful stay. -BruceF

    • Bev Oliansky

      Hey Bruce,
      I am a bit later than expected but reporting on our recent stay- Aug. 24-31, 2012 ~ We were in Unit 3827 of Villas at Fairway~ 3 bedroom unit with LOFT. Everything was wonderful. From check-in (where staff was friendly & helpful) which was a breeze with map & directions to unit given & printed information available on area attractions, shopping,dinning, etc. The unit was GREAT. It was clean & impressive. Our guests agreed! 1ST Floor: The roomy master suite has a whirlpool tub, SAUNA IN THE ROOM, King bed, large closet, chest of drawers with TV with DVD player & private bath. OPEN FLOOR PLAN FOR the large dining room with table & six chairs ~large full kitchen fully appointed,including stacked washer & dryer & roomy storage cabinets below dividing counter ~ breakfast room with table & four chairs. The living room has a couch, love seat & two upholstered chairs,coffee table, end tables, a TV with DVD & VSR player. There are built in bookshelves with storage cabinets. Also there is a nice 1/2 bath. There is a back deck with table and four chairs. That is a bit DANGEROUS FOR SMALL CHILDREN as after two steps down there is grass for about 10 ft. and then it DROPS STRAIGHT DOWN DEEPLY into trees and shrubs. We kept the door bolted. 2ND FLOOR: Bedroom #1: one queen bed, dresser, TV & large closet, Bedroom #2: two queen beds, dresser, TV & large closet, FULL BATH is separated by door between toilet and sink (nice) and the LOFT has two twin beds with dresser, overlooking the LR with railing. Everything was neat & clean & beds were comfortable. There was a mice problem next door & maintainance put a mouse trap in the laundry closet… Just in case. Across the roadway was a large grassy area which was great for our Grandson (2 1/2)to run us ragged, playing kick ball & running around. The unit was spacious enough that he could run around, explore & spread out his toys but it was great to get him out into the sunshine. He and I had an “ADVENTURE”: We were walking and there are many hills. What one goes up & down one must do so again to get back I thought so when I saw a path through the woods that looked pretty level we took it. We had a wonderful time talking about the trees, nature, animals that lived in the woods & checking out the rocks in the path. It seemed like no time at all when we heard voices. As we went on we heard splashing & I knew we were approaching one of the pools. Christopher loves water. We were not dressed to go swimming but Grandma had to let him get his feet wet. He was distracted by the arcade games in the building for a little while then we went through the indoor pool area to get to the outdoor pool. Well little Christopher got more than his feet wet!! I realized that it had been some time since we started this adventure when my foot hurt & I was tired. We weren’t planning on being gone long- Mommy had gone to the grocery store & Grandpa was taking a nap. And I had forgotten my cell phone. I had to drag Christopher away from the pool & when I realized how late it was I got worried that they would be worried. I asked at the desk for a map to see how far we were from out unit. It was FAR. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it. The nice young man at the desk called the shuttle & told me to wait for it on the bench at the end of the parking lot & it would take us back. I felt relieved for a short time until I realized the shuttle wasn’t just coming to pick us up like a taxi- it has a schedule. There were two teenage girls also waiting & teenage girls HAVE their cell phones. I asked to borrow one & called my husband. He said he was with the police- my heart sunk. They wanted to know where we were. I heard my daughter crying in the back ground- my heart broke. The shuttle sign showed we were at Stop 11. Then security said they would be right there. Well, it felt like forever but when I saw his truck I saw my husband behind him. By now my daughter was okay. I gave her son to her open arms as I knew she needed to hold him. I felt like Security had saved our lives. He smiled & said that is his job. I thanked him & got into our car. It was a long way back to our unit. I didn’t get his name but I am really grateful to him. Christopher had a great day except I’m sure he didn’t understand why Grandma was so upset & crying & probably holding him a little too tight.
      I know this is long winded but I want to point out how wonderful this exchange location is. When I got the vaccuum out to clean up any remaining glass after Christopher dropped a glass I didn’t see how to start it. Betsy from housekeeping came over in less than 5 mins with a smile, to show me the button that was obvious after she showed me. They told me not to worry about paying for the glass besides! Not only was the resort great but the location is good with things to do in the area & activities on site, everyone was helpful, really nice, friendly & understanding!!!
      The Tree Tops are the older units. Any resort of this size one should understand that there were many years for all the growth & so some units are older, others newer. If you are giving a review it is important to be specific with the resort name/section and the unit #. When exchanges are made ask about the resort, what to expect of your unit, what ammenities there are, when it was built, what is available in the area during the time/season of your visit. Check the website. If it is a very large complex ask to be booked in the newer section. The exchange representatives have the information. Even if you are booking on line to save the fee you can call & ask questions free of charge. A little work and investigating before booking will save a lot of grief & a disappointing vacation.

      Discover your favorite and give Bruce some feedback. This is a wonderful and unique opportunity for you to voice your thoughts, opinions, ideas & give others important information for a better vacation.

      Thanks Bruce.

      • Bruce Flinn

        Thank you Bev for coming back and leaving such a detailed comment. That’s way more than I expected and am so happy your family had a pleasant stay. Sincerely, BruceF

  • Evangeline Abalos

    Hi Bruce!

    I set up a vacation for my family in order to spend time with my 2 daughters before they move out of home for school this fall. We will be arriving 8/2/12 and leaving 8/5/12. We have reservations at the Tree Tops villas for a 2 bedroom unit and I would like to request from you for an updated unit! I appreciate your hard work with everyone’s request! Thank you!

    • Bruce Flinn

      Evangeline, have a great time with the family as you requested you are scheduled to be in an upgraded unit. Just a note that the carnival which is always a good time will be on property the week you are here. -BruceF

  • Greg and Nicole Sherron

    We have read a few reviews and everything seems mixed. We have reservations arriving on 8/12/12 leaving on 8/16/12 for a 3 bedroom unit through RCI. My wife and I both work in the hotel/resort industry in Atlantic City and we would like to request/reserve an newer/upgraded unit? If you are ever at the Trump Taj Mahal in AC, I would be more then happy to reciprocate. Thanks in advance for your attention in this matter, we understand how crazy it can be.

  • Amy Esposito

    Hi Bruce,
    I am leaving a few comments about my experience at the Villas at Tree Tops from the week 15th-22nd. I know I requested a updated unit and when I arrived I was told that they are ALL updated. Anyways I know that there were some nicer units then the one I had at the back of the property but I was happy either way. Everything in my 2 bedroom unit was great and clean. There were little things that could have been fixed with the people that pick up the garbage that people leave out which is to make sure that EVERYTHING gets picked up. I saw a couple of egg shells left on the wooden walkway for three days while I was there. I noticed that there are some updates being made to the Fernwood Hotel and the grounds crew up at the Villas at Tree Tops were trying to keep the grounds nice. The indoor pool at the back of the Villas at Tree Tops was a bit cloudy and the pool outside had some stuff floating in it. The two other pools at the entrance of the property were really nice and clean. My family really enjoyed out stay at the Villas at Tree Tops and it was nice and quiet at night. I felt like I had a home away from home to go to. There were plenty of activities to get involved with but my family did not. Some good food at Wintergreens and stay away from Big Daddy’s BBQ food and service were not so good. I would stay at the Villas at Tree Tops again!!!!! Don’t believe any bad reviews that you might see on other sights such as Trip Advisor! The Villas at Tree Tops is a great family vacation for all!!!

  • Bob Kanzinger

    I have a one br condo reserved 7/22/2012 under the name Bob Kanzinger res # 73440106475294001 I called and requested an upgraded unit, and was told one would be available. I am just confirming this. Thank you for your assistance.

    Bob Kanzinger

  • Bill Paré

    Hi Bruce,
    Mary and I wanted to thank you for assigning us to a refurbished unit. To sum our experience in one word it would be…Spectacular! We are already planning our next visit
    Bill Paré

    • Bruce Flinn

      Bill, thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts. Very much appreciated. -BruceF

  • Karen McDougal

    Hi Bruce,

    I have stayed at the TreeTops Villas in the past. I am arriving on Friday to stay in the Fairways villas, through an RCI exchange. I want to make sure this is an upgraded unit, please. I enjoyed my stay in the past, but I am concerned by the comments of others since I have visited. I have a 2 bedroom unit. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.

  • Robert Kral

    Hi Bruce! Love reading all the comments about Tree Top. My wife and I will be coming out there for the week of July 29th and will be celebrating our 37th anniversary. Since this is our first time at Tree Tops I would like to request an updated unit for that week. Glad to see that there are plently of activities planned. We also are [planning to go to Bushkills Falls. I hear it is very beautiful.


    Bob Kral

  • Georgina Wallace

    Mr. Flinn,
    We will be staying in a Studio (4/Partial) (Aug 05-Aug 12) (7 Nights). I am requesting an upgraded unit. I appreciate the fact that you have this page set up for your patrons it shows great courage and concern. I will be sure and return the favor with a follow up review of the resort.


    Georgina Wallace

  • Bruce Flinn

    I am working on all comments and requests that I have received this week in the order that they came in. I may not respond immediately to your requests but please be assured I am processing them as best as possible so please refrain from making multiple requests especially if your arrival date is a couple weeks out.

    Thank you for your patience. -BruceF

    PS. Just a heads up for those that are sending in their requests one day before their arrival. I will try to accommodate them but I cannot make any guarantees. Working with such short notice I hope you understand if I cannot. -BruceF

    • Karen Kelly

      Dear Mr. Finn,

      Our family is really looking forward to our visit to Tree Tops, the week starting July 29th. We too, have booked a 2 bdrm & have read many reviews with less than stellar comments. We would very much appreciate an updated room for our weeks stay to make our trip even more memorable for the kids.

      Many thanks in advance! – Karen

  • Bill Ruane

    Hi Bruce – we have a weekly rental starting today, but will not be able to arrive until tomorrow. Would we by chance be in an updated condo? If not, could you arrange for it? We will be bringing our 11 and 13 year old boys and they have been looking forward to this for a while. Thanks for your help.

  • Tarreemha Taylor'Caruso

    I was a guest at the Tree top Villas a little more than a week ago, and I found the place to be a beautiful vacation spot if you’d like a bit of time away with the family. I found my villa to be beautiful,clean,spacious enough to fit my large family size, and modern enough for the current market. What I liked about it was that there are numerous activities on the grounds so that you’ll never get bored. The staff seemed friendly enough and were always smiling but the pool could have used a better filter system perhaps. Although I must admit that I saw the youngman(Pool employee) trying to keep the area and the pool itself clean as I witnessed him trying to tinker with the pool himself. What I enjoyed even more were the accommadations I was shown that would be available if I purchased. That was very modern,beautiful and reminded me of a little home off of the cost of Capecod and it was very spacious. I would frequent Tree Tops again perhaps for longer so that I might enjoy all of the activities this time. My one petpeeve would be that staff remind people of check out time when they come in verbally. I had to call for someone to refer me to an email that my kid accidently erased.Especially if you will be charged a day for staying past checkout time. Thanks for the memories.

  • James Adams

    Hi Bruce – I am writing sort of an ‘after action’ report an a recent stay. I’m an RCI member and booked a stay in a one-bedroom villa during June 24 to Jul 1. Before going, I had sent a personal email – I did not use the comment section – to request an upgraded unit, as like others I saw the process being taken. I have to say up front, we were absolutely satisfied throughout the stay! And we want to personally thank you for arranging the ‘upgraded’ unit. We were in unit #6103 overlooking the 15th hole of the golf course. We are not golfers, but it was a very pleasant view from the balcony. I have to say every step of the way, from check-in, dealing with house-keeping and working with a maintenance crew to take care of an issue – everyone was very pleasant, courteous, and professional. At check-in we were given a map and shown exactly how to get to the unit.

    After arriving in the villa, we met with one of the house-keeping staff, Sylvia, who had just done a walk through and ensured everything was satisfactory. And it was! The place was spotless everywhere. She also called a few times during the week to ensure we didn’t need anything, and that all was well. Very professional, and pleasant – thanks Sylvia!

    We did have an opportunity to deal with the maintenance crews. We had one issue – the sleeper sofa had some springs missing from where the mattress is supported by the frame. A phone call to maintenance had someone out there within the hour. I believe his name was Devon – very cordial and helpful. He took a few minutes to assess the situation and then left to get either a replacement sofa or parts to make the repair. I’d say within about 30 minutes he returned – with Anthony – and in a few minutes they replaced the inner frame of the unit with another one. All in all, in less than 2 hours from being notified, the whole thing was taken care of. Thanks to the maintenance department and especially Devon and Anthony for quick, profession work!

    I don’t need to ramble on further – I just wanted to let you know we had a great time and appreciate the service that you and the others provided. We had a very pleasant stay and would not hesitate returning in the future. To be honest with you, I’m not sure how it would have been had we not been in the ‘upgraded’ unit, but none-the-less, our stay was great.

    Thanks again, Jim Adams – Springfield, Pennsylvania

    • Bruce Flinn

      James, thank you so much for returning and adding your comments about your stay – it really helps to know things are working. I have shared your comments with the staff you mentioned and am sure they appreciate it very much. Best Regards. -BruceF

  • Thomas Aiello

    I’m Reposting this because I have not received a response. Thanks

    Hello Bruce. Your doing a great job with this message board. I am staying at the Villas at Tree Tops 7/22/12 – 7/29/12. I am bringing my family which includes small children. Can I please have a updated unit. I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please let me know. I will email you directly with my member #. Thank you

  • Ray and Juanita Reyes

    Dear Bruce:

    Thank you so much for making our stay a wonderful one. The unit was beautiful. Everything was new and clean. We enjoyed the anemities. My wife especially enjoyed Marianne’s daily water aerobics. She was very friendly and encouraging and made exercise fun! We can’t express our gratitude for making our week a memorable one. We will make sure that we recommend Tree Tops to all our friends.

  • Navneet

    Hello Bruce,
    My husband and I reserved a week at the resort through Interval international for the week of September 2nd through the 9th. And like many others I have fears as well after reading the reviews. And after seeing your blog I said – How wonderful! What a great way of providing customer satisfaction!
    Like many other guests I would also like to request an “upgrade” or “an updated unit” if possible.
    Hope to hear soon! Thanks :)


    • Bruce Flinn

      Navneet, I’m sorry but we can’t find anything in our system under this name. For future reference and notice to everyone else it would save us a lot of time if when you make a request to please include the full name and arrival date of your reservation. -BruceF

      • Navneet

        Hello Bruce,
        Sorry for the inconvenience, My full name is Navneet Kaur and the date of arrival is September 2nd. I hope this information helps. Thanks once again.


  • Milya Kofler

    Hi Bruce,

    we booked studio unit for 7/15- 7/22 thru Skyauction and I am wondeirng if it possible to get upgraded unit since it is our first time there and we would like to come back.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    By the way I really like your comment dated 6/21/12 (very true).

    Thank you again.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Milya, I appreciate the support and I’m sorry to say we have no more upgraded units available for me to move you into during the dates of your visit. For your information the unit you are assigned is rated only one step below our upgraded units so everything should be fine.

      I have been able to request a pre-arrival walk through inspection of the villa for you just to be sure it is ready for your stay.

      I apologize for not being able to accommodate your request and ask that you do return here to share your comments about your stay. -BruceF

  • Connie

    You have an impossible job, I believe…but I do have a request. My husband and I are celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary (a little late, I might say) with a stay at the Tree Tops August 5-12 and would like an updated villa if at all possible. Thanks in advance for your service and response.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Thanks Connie, it certainly keeps me busy. I have you and your husband placed in an upgraded unit for your upcoming stay. Have a wonderful anniversary and stop back to leave us your comments after you get home. -BruceF

  • Dear Bruce, my husband and I are due to arrive at Tree Tops on 7/21/12 on an RCI exchange. Having read the reviews at this site we are very concerned about our accomodations. We recently had a disappointing stay on an RCI exchange in VT. The resort was not at what was represented by RCI. I have some questions about Tree Tops: Is there a washer/dryer in the unit;What is the bedroom situation? We are bringing guests with us and want them to be comfortable. Is there a TV in each bedroom? Is there a DVD player? Is the unit airconditioned? Are both pools available and clean? We need a non-smoking villa since my husband is asthmatic. I’d like to request a renovated/updated unit for our stay, clean with everything in working order. Thanks you, Marilyn Aylward

  • Sagar Mansukhani

    I am staying here on the July 6th weekend. I am a bit concerned about the quality of the units as published in various comments. I would highly appreciate a refurbished unit for the weekend if possible.

    Thanks very much!

  • Andrea Colangelo

    My family including grandchildren will be staying next week at Treetops. We are booked for Saturday but will be arriving on Sunday. We stayed last year in a terrible unit and RCI assured me this year the two bedroom loft will NOT have dirt, bugs, smells like dead dogs (my 3 year old granddaughter’s 3 description), ripped sheets, broken bed, holes in the carpet, broken dryer and refrigerator, etc. In spite of all the problems, the kids had a great time. Please assure me that the newer unit we have this year will be problem free and CLEAN. Thank you for your time and consideration

    • Bruce Flinn

      Andrea, added a note about late checkin. You are good to go with an upgraded unit. -BruceF

  • Heavenly Wilson

    I will be staying this weekend arriving on the 6th staying through the 8th…and I am concerned about the quality of the room which I will be staying. Based on the so/so reviews, I would really appreciate being placed into a upgraded villa!! I thank you in advance for anyway you can help…

    • Bruce Flinn

      Ms. Wilson, I have sent you an email. You have been placed in an upgraded unit. -BruceF

  • Qiana Williams

    Hi Bruce,

    My family and I will be staying at the resort the week of July 8, 2012 (through RCI). We are currently booked in a studio unit. Approximately a month ago, I sent an e-mail inquiring about an upgrade to a 2 bedroom unit, but I haven’t received a response. We would, of course, be willing to pay an upgrade fee. I realize that this is your busy season, so even if there are no 2 bedroom units available, could we please have an upgraded studio unit? Thanks for your help.

    • Qiana Williams

      Hi Bruce,

      We were not allowed to book another room type. However, we would like an updated studio unit if possible. Your help is very much appreciated.

  • Bruce Flinn

    I am working on your comments and requests. Thank you for your patience. -BruceF

    • Dianne Gauthier

      we just booked through RCI for the week of August 3 to 10, 2012 (a two bedroom unit). I was told I should ask for an updated unit. Do all units have the 2 twin beds in the loft and the two bedrooms with a queen in each room? This would be great for our family if it is the unit.

      Thank you
      Dianne Gauthier

    • Heavenly wilson

      Hi I know it’s such short notice as I wrote in yesterday as well but is there anyway to get into an upgraded unit for my stay from july 6th-8th I would appreciate your help with this matter ;) !! Thanks and have a wonderful holiday

    • Thomas Aiello

      Hello Bruce. Your doing a great job with this message board. I am staying at the Villas at Tree Tops 7/22/12 – 7/29/12. I am bringing my family which includes small children. Can I please have a updated unit. I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please let me know. I will email you directly with my member #. Thank you

      • Bruce Flinn

        Thomas, you are located in an upgraded unit. Enjoy your stay. -BruceF

        Sorry for the delay in my response I have a very limited amount of time to allocate to this process. Just so you know all outstanding requests are processed first thing every morning Monday through Friday. No request ever goes more than 24 hours before it is in the system to be upgraded and is usually completed before Noon the same day I process it. I cannot reply to everyone as soon as they are completed as this takes a fair amount time. I schedule time to do my replies in batches based on the average arrival dates so everyone has enough lead time to know everything is setup. Again thank you for choosing our resort and please return here to comment on your stay – Good, Bad or Indifferent I need to know so I can adjust our ratings if need be on the units we have listed as upgraded. -BruceF

    • Thomas Aiello

      Hello Bruce. Your doing a great job with this message board. I am staying at the Villas at Tree Tops 7/22/12 – 7/29/12. I am bringing my family which includes small children. Can I please have a updated unit. I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please let me know. I will email you directly with my member #. Thank you

    • Eric Baj

      Hi Bruce, I’ve tried twice now to submit a question through the question & comment form, but I can’t seem to find my post anywhere. If that’s normal, I apologize for re-posting. My family and I are booked there from 7/13 – 7/20. We will need to check in on 7/14 and would like an upgraded or renovated unit please. My wife directed me here and I read quite a few posts including yours about why you use a public forum for customer reviews. I commend you on your efforts and promise that I will return to post a follow-up review after our stay. Thank you in advance for all that you do! Eric

    • Minerva Ortiz Reilly

      Hello Mr. Bruce Flinn, I Just booked a week with RCI at your resort for the week of July 20th, 2012 – July 27th, 2012. I am requesting an updated room for my stay. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.

      • Minerva Ortiz Reilly

        Hi, Bruce thank you for considering my request. I have stayed at the tree tops in the past but the room at the Fairway for this stay was so much better. The only negative was the sofa bed in the living room the springs need to be replaced. Other than that the stay and room were fine. Thank you for your cooperation.

    • Angel

      Hi Bruce…I have been an owner for the past 12 years. I spoke with Justin from customer service to say I made my
      reservation for the week of August 5th and I would like an upgraded villa. The last time my family and I were there
      the villa was very rundown and dirty. He told me that would not be a problem. I am double checking with you on this.
      I am a family of 6 so I would need accomodations that fit.

      Thanking you in advance

      Angel Flores

    • Roderick Hart

      Hello Mr. Flinn,
      My family and I have booked (2) 2 bedroom villas and are due to arrive on July 22nd. We are requesting that these villas are both updated and located next to each other if possible. Thank you for your consideration.

    • R.W. Hart

      We have booked a week at your resort starting July 22nd. We have booked two villas. We are requesting updated units. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Susan Eastman

    My family will be checking in on Sat July 7th. I am concerned about some of the comments I have seen online and would like to request a newer/refurbished unit, but I understand the short notice makes it difficult. In the very least, I would appreciate a unit with a loft since I have four children (three teenagers and one “tween”) and the added privacy of a loft would be great. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Cindi Smith

    I stayed in a studio unit at the Villas at Tree Tops June 18-22, 2012. I know now to ask for an updated unit. It was not up to the standards I have grown to expect as an RCI exchange.
    My comments are directed to your staff, though. When I was in the check in area using the computer and printer, I found the staff to be very loud, boisterous and unprofessional. When I was turning in my keys in the same area, I asked for a comment card as I had not received one at arrival. There were none to be found and no other option was offered. I find this unacceptable.
    I enjoyed the water aerobics instructor, Marion, but found the other pool staff lacking. Gum on the deck, trash under the chairs, hair balls, all should have been picked up and treated appropriately by the staff. The outdoor pool had considerable debris floating in it. I understand that an outdoor pool surrounded by trees is prone to this, however, I never observed the staff attempting to remove anything during the many hours I was there. The pools were cloudy at the beginning of the week, as well.
    I commend your willingness to have all comments, good or bad, posted publicly and your attempt to get the comments into the correct hands.
    Good luck!
    Cindi Smith

    • Bruce Flinn

      Thank you Cindi, for sending us your feedback. Your comments have been forwarded to our Chief Operations Officer for follow up. I appreciate the insights and would be glad to offer assistance during your next stay with us here at the resort. -BruceF

  • Julie

    In laws (Wes & Thea Woodward) have been members since 1989. Have seen a steady decline in the conditions of the villas, game room, grounds. Staff have always been helpful and friendly. Looking to make a decison about buying in myself. An upgraded villa may help in my decsision making. Have visited in July the last 4 years. Always had fun. Did I see a posting about the Ferwood Hotel being sold? Does that mean we can not use the indoor or outdoor pool by the hotel? We are staying July 8-15, 2012. Thank you.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Julie, you’re setup in an upgraded villa. Yes the hotel portion of the property was sold this past December. The pools, restaurants and other facilities are available for our guests use as they have been in the past that has not changed.

      Enjoy your stay. -BruceF

  • Maria Garvey

    We are owner at Tree Tops but haven’t been there for several years. We have a vacation scheduled for a week starting July 29th. I have read several comments on the RCI website that the resort is really run down. I am a little worried about bringing my family with infant there to stay. I would like to request a newer unit for our stay. There will be 5 adults and one baby staying. We own two weeks there but only using one right now. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Maria Garvey

      We just came back from a week stay at Tree Top. I had asked for an updated unit before we arrived and was told we would get one. We stayed at unit 1235 A/B. If that is considered an updated unit I would hate to see what the others look like. Everything in the unit is very dated. The matress and the pullout sofa were horrible. The furniture really needs to be replaced. The washer had water standing in it. We called maintenance and someone came out. couldn’t fix it and said he would be back the next day. They ended up replacing it with a different machine. They replaced the old Tv with a flat screen durung our stay. My daughter and I did water arobics every morning and the instructor was excellent. The same can’t be sid for the kids working at the pool. There were several mornings when we got there and things were floating in the water or there were no towels 2while the attendance sat there playing on their cell phone. One of the other ladies in the class complaint that after three days and numerous calls she still didn’t get any sheets or a blanket. The instructor called the general manager and she told us she finally had received what she needed that day. We have stayed at numerous resorts in the last 20 years and I am sad to say that our home resort has been the worst one as far as upkeep goes. Makes me wonder what happens to the maintenance fees we pay every year since I didn’t see a lot that was done.

  • Bill Paré

    I saw your message Bruce; thank you!
    Bill Paré

  • Bill Paré

    Dear Bruce,
    I have written before and see my comment but the next day it is gone so I will try again. We will be coming from July 1-8 2012. We have stayed at the Villas twice before and we had a great time. I am asking that we would be able to stay in a refurbished unit.
    Thank you for your consideration and review.
    Bill Paré

    • Bruce Flinn

      Bill, working on it – I appreciate your patience and understanding.

      I would also suggest to others to please not wait until a week before your arrival to send in an upgrade request. The sooner I get them the better are your chances of getting and upgraded unit. -BruceF

    • Bruce Flinn

      All set Bill.

  • Lakeisha

    I have reservations for this coming weekend on 6/29/12 under the RCI program upon reading the reviews please confirm if i will have an updated villa?

  • Bill Paré

    Dear Bruce,
    My family has stayed at the Villa’s on two occasions in the past and had a great time. We will be coming again from Sunday July 1st to July 8th, 2012. We would appreciate it if we could stay in a refurbished unit.
    Thank you for your consideration and review. See you July 1!
    Bill Paré

  • Sudhir Sood

    Hi Bruce

    My family and I will be visiting your resort from the July 08 to 15 July one bed room villa through RCI exchange programme. But after reading the comments I’m concerned and wondering if we can be moved to an refurbish and upgraded villa please .
    Further can you tell us about the activities nearby and charges.
    I appreciate your replies here to most of the posts with positive solutions.

    Thank you

    • Sudhir Sood

      Hope to hear from you soon!!!

      • Sudhir Sood

        I have reservations for this coming weekend on 7/08/12 under the RCI program upon reading the reviews please confirm if i will have an updated villa?

        • Sudhir Sood

          I prevously put in this request and others have been answered and I have not heard anything I also sent an email and have heard nothing…

          • Bruce Flinn

            Email has been sent. You are setup for an upgraded unit. Sorry for any confusion on my part. -BruceF

  • Bruce Flinn

    It will be a year this coming August that we launched this new website. We have on this page alone received over 100 comments and a total of over 350 site wide. The majority of which are your concerns about the cleanliness and conditions of the villas.

    I made the decision back then to allow all comments to be shown, good or bad, in an effort to be of service to you our customers. It is a strong belief of mine that we as a company have the responsibility to hear what our customers have to say about our services. This is why we chose a platform for the new website that would allow such conversations to take place.

    Since September of last year I have been fielding these comments and doing what I can to insure that everyone has an enjoyable vacation. The process of reading, answering and doing upgrades for those that request them takes a fair amount of my time each day.

    This is done for you and I only ask that you return here to your original comments and add a reply with how your vacation went.

    – Were the accommodations clean?
    – How was the condition of the villa?
    – Was the staff helpful when assistance was required?
    – Did you and your family enjoy your stay?

    A couple of quick questions that can be answered in a few minutes that’s all I ask in return so that I know that what I’m doing is working or not. Even with an upgraded unit you still may of had a bad experience – I’ll never know because there is no follow up from you.

    This platform is set up to allow for conversations not just so you can post a bad review or a concern about reading a bad review and then request an upgrade and never be heard from again. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “To be honest that’s a little rude don’t you think?”. I’m just looking to find out if what I’m doing is helping because if it isn’t then I need to deal with it on my end so I can make it better.

    You can see that not more than a handful of people out of over 300 took the time to do follow up. I am not a customer service representative. I am the Director of New Media here at the Bushkill Group and as such in charge of all Social Media, websites, online marketing initiatives along with providing analytics on all this which doesn’t leave me much time to do this. I take the time for you and future guests because I care about your stay and how you feel while here on property.

    It’s easy to post a comment when you’re looking for something because you’re already on the site. It’s hard to find your way back and leave a follow up reply because your stay is over and it’s in the past unless of course you had a bad time and then it’s your duty to share that experience with the world. Why isn’t it your duty to share the good experiences as well? Don’t you think future guests would like to know that we’re not all doom and gloom. After leaving an initial comment stating your concerns along with requesting and getting an upgraded unit you have an obligation to return and complete the conversation that you started, good bad or indifferent – it’s the polite thing to do.

    I can’t tell if what I’m doing is helping you or not because I don’t hear back from you.

    Do I continue fielding your concerns and arranging for upgrades or not?

    I welcome your comments – post a reply below.

    Sincerely, -BruceF

    • Andrea Davis

      I am writing to see if the studio we are starting in is an updated one Brandon and I will be having our honeymoon there. Our dates are from June 24 through the first. However we will not get there until the 25th we have decided to start in Ohio on our wedging night so we can relax from all the events and not drive however please let me know if our sure is updated we really want a great honeymoon. Thanks

      • Bruce Flinn

        Andrea, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You’re all set with a newer unit. I have sent an email as well. -BruceF

        PS. please consider stopping back and giving us an update on your stay. Thanks.

    • tonya

      good morning bruce, i booked a stay with m husband and kidsfor july and i need to changethe date to another day due to family emergency..please is this possible

    • Lito C.

      Hi Bruce,My family of 4 booked for a week of vacation from RCI 6/24/12 until 7/1/12 .They gave me a studio & I’m. Concerned about this kind of accommodation with no privacy.Thank you. Lito

      • Lito C.

        Goood morning Bruce,This is Lito C. again and still waiting for your respond on my comments last 6/23/12.I checked in @ Treetops 6/24/12.The studio unit is really small & I’m expecting family/friends who might be interested about the timeshare purchace but i’m hesitant to show the unit.If you could please upgrade us with a newer and bigger unit,my family and friends will surely appreciate it.Thanks in advance… LITO C.

        • Bruce Flinn

          Lito, I replied to you via email this morning to explain that the best way to handle a room type change (which involves a change in price) would be to call our reservations department.

          And as I have mentioned many times before that I do not always get the opportunity to review every email and or comment every day and that if there is something pressing that needs a resolution immediately please call the appropriate department or person using the information on your confirmation letter or from our FAQ’s page of Important Phone Numbers.

          I do what I can with the limited time available to me to respond and provide assistance via these comments. Anything of a pressing nature should still go through normal channels to be sure nothing is overlooked.

          Thank you for your patience and understanding. -BruceF

          • Lito C.

            Bruce,I just receved your e-mail response.thank you,i will leave my vacation experienced comments upon departure… Lito C.

    • Danette

      please do continue

    • Danette

      We have had both positive and negative experiences in the past, however my husband wanted to continue with your organization,we booked a weekend away,had to postpone it from June 15th to June 29th, due to some medical issues with my husband. Because of these issues my parents are now coming along with us, I am wondering if we can get upgraded to the Fairways side that has the two bedrooms with the one bedroom having the pull out love seat and the second bedroom on the second floor?

      • Danette

        I prevously put in this request and others have been answered and I have not heard anything I also sent an email and have heard nothing…

        Requested 6/25
        We have had both positive and negative experiences in the past, however my husband wanted to continue with your organization,we booked a weekend away,had to postpone it from June 15th to June 29th, due to some medical issues with my husband. Because of these issues my parents are now coming along with us, I am wondering if we can get upgraded to the Fairways side that has the two bedrooms with the one bedroom having the pull out love seat and the second bedroom on the second floor?

        • Bruce Flinn

          Sorry, I am taking these in the order they arrived. Please note that the people I have responded too had their requests in earlier on the 25th then you. I am working on your request and appreciate your patience. -BruceF

        • Bruce Flinn

          Actually I have a response that everything was setup for you as of this morning at 9:06. I do see there is a note about the upgraded units in Fairway that they no longer have pull out sofas. Will this be a problem for you? -BruceF

    • Andrea

      Thank you so much for helping me with all my request. The villa we had which was a studio villa is amazing. Everything is super clean, new looking and totally worth the money. The grounds were lanscaped nicely. There are tons of activities that are extremely close by and the man who checked us in was extremely nice. Our villa is very spacious has a seperate shower and tub which is jetted. We also have a sauna in our room. This was a great place to spend our honeymoon and we are talking about when we are going to bring our kids back.

      • Bruce Flinn

        Andrea, glad to have been of service and thank you so much for returning to the site and leaving your comments about your stay. It helps to know that what I’m doing is making a difference. -BruceF

    • Vincent Romano

      Bruce you will 100% hear from me after our trip is over. I sent you a request for and upgrade or updated room. I would also like to seek you out in person while I’m there to tell you how it’s going.

  • Bruce Flinn

    Darlene, I wonder if you would take a minute or two and let us know how your stay with us last year went. -BruceF

  • Elizabeth Vargas

    Hi Bruce,
    My husband and I will be going to The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway for the first time this weekend June 22-June 24th. This is a surprise for him and I am a bit concern about our stay after reading certain comments. Is there a posibility that we get one of the upgraded villas?
    Thank You for all your help.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Elizabeth, I emailed a reply this morning. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can take care of this for you. -BruceF


  • Amy Esposito

    Thank you very much Bruce! I will also leave a reply about my vacation experience here too !! Thank You,
    Amy Esposito

    • Bruce Flinn

      You’re welcome Amy. -BruceF

      • Parbatie Roberts

        Hi Bruce
        My family and I will be visiting your resort from the 29 June to 1st July . But after reading the comments I’m wondering can we be moved to a refurbish and upgraded villa please .
        Thank you parbatie

        • Bruce Flinn

          Parbatie, all taken care of – I sent you you an email as well. -BruceF

          PS – please consider returning here and leave us an update about your vacation. Thank you.

        • Bruce Flinn

          Parbatie, my email program just notified me it could not deliver my message due to an error in the email address. It says Yahoo does not have a user with the address you supplied. If you want or need to please email at [ ] directly from your account so I can get your correct address for any replies. -BruceF

  • Alfonso Lum

    Dear Sir(s):

    Good evening! My wife & I are check-in (exchange from RCI) into a 1 bedroom unit on Sunday 6/24/12, but she has to work that day, so we won’t be able to check in until probably around 10pm. I’m not sure if it’s ok to post a comment here, but I’ll do this and I will call your Customer Service # (888) 337-6966 tomorrow to confirm that this late check in is known to members of your staff. I’d appreciate any reply, either via e-mail or thru this forum. Thanx & good night… Alfonso Lum

    • Bruce Flinn

      Alfonso, no problem I have forwarded your comment to our customer service department for follow up. I’ll let you know via email if there are any issues that arise. -BruceF

    • Bruce Flinn

      Mr. Lum, we have added a note to your reservation about your late arrival. I’ll email you as well just to be sure you receive this info. -BruceF

      • Alfonso Lum

        Dear Mr. Flinn:

        I just checked my e-mail and this is to let you know that I received your e-mail note reply, thus, I’m to guess there’s no need for me to call your customer service representatives.

        I appreciate your help and attention in this matter. My most sincere gratitude. Hopefully my wife & I get to meet you and thank you in person… but just in case, THANK YOU again! Alfonso Lum

        • Alfonso Lum

          Hi Mr. Flinn… Hope all finds you well…

          Been a bit busy since coming back from our stay at The Villas. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at how NICE the room that we stay at was.
          The overall staff was friendly and helpful (as expected).
          Just gotta let you know that the unit that we stayed at (# 6049A) had a water leak coming down from the middle light fixture above from the electric stove. I think there’s a small hole on the complex’s roof, as the water leak was only visible on our last day there, when it rained very early in the morning. I made a comment note on the Resort’s comment card and left the copy in the kitchen counter and mailed out the rest of the card once I got back home.

          Well… Thank you again to you and the rest of the staff for making our stay at the resort a memorable one.

          Sincerely, Alfonso Lum

  • Amy Esposito

    Hello Bruce,
    My family and I will be staying in a 2 bedroom unit through a RCI week (July 15th-22nd). May we please have one of the upgraded units! We would greatly appreciate it!


    • Bruce Flinn

      Amy, as requested you have been moved to an upgraded unit – enjoy your stay.

      Please consider returning to this comment and leaving a reply about your vacation experience – thank you. -BruceF

  • Hector Jimenez & Christie Skinner

    Hello Bruce,

    I am coming to the Villas on Friday, June 22 and am checking out on Monday, June 25th. I am an RCI member and I have been to the Villas a handful of times with my family of 5. My concern is that when I decided to become an owner it was based on the nicely renovated Villas that were shown to me. Not once since being an owner have I been placed in an updated unit. Do you think it’s possible to have an updated unit for my stay? I look forward to your response.


  • tonya


    • Bruce Flinn

      Tonya, please email me ( ) some more details so we know how to find you in the system. For example the full name and dates that correspond to your reservation with us. Unfortunately just your first name is not enough for us to guarantee we locate the correct booking. -BruceF

  • Keishell Howe

    Hi I would like to no how can I get the special offer for $50 theres nothing on the site that leads people to it, if your wondering how I know about it, it’s because one of the customer service repesentive had mansion it to me and told me to go online and get the cord there’s no cord and I would like to know if anyone no any cord for 3 days 2 nights at the Tree top villa

    • Bruce Flinn

      Keishell, if you are interested in becoming an owner at the resort you can register for a discounted stay which includes a 90 minute presentation and resort tour. Visit (our promotion site) for details on this offer. -BruceF

  • Sudhir Sood

    Hello Bruceflinn
    I will be visiting July 8-July 15 with my wife and adult kids, Will be staying in one bedroom unit.
    What are the nearby attractions and how much they cost. I would like to visit falls and balloon rides for sure.
    Hope to have nice Vacation.


  • Gloria

    We have a two-bedroom unit reserved for a week starting June 14, 2012. It is at The Villas at Tree Tops. I am concerned about the reviews and would like to request a refurbished unit. Our description says it is a 2/LOFt;FULL Kitchen. Does that mean it is an old unit? We certainly do not need the loft and would much rather have a clean, newly furnished unit.
    I tried to call to request as RCI suggested but get no response.
    There will be four of us staying at the unit.
    Thank you for helping.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Gloria, I have arranged for you to be upgraded to a refurbished unit. I replied this morning to your last email apologizing for not contacting you sooner about your upgrade. Enjoy your visit. -BruceF

      • Sammy Fam

        Hello Bruce,
        We are RCI members and arriving your resort 6/22 for a 2/2 unit. We would also prefer an upgraded unit…. Have any with lofts been refurbished? Thanks,


        • Bruce Flinn

          Sammy, just sent you an email confirming your upgrade request. Have a wonderful vacation and stop back to write us a reply after your visit. -BruceF

        • Bruce Flinn

          Sammy, in reply to your email about BBQ grills on property yes we do have a few setup in two different areas. I’m adding a couple of pictures taken from the resort guide map of the property to show you where they are located. It may be later today when they become available. -BruceF

  • Reginald

    HI Bruce, i’m coming up there friday the 25th with my wife just got married. i would like to know if i can get an upgrade unit, that’s going to be my 8 trips there and i keep getting the same old unit. please help me on this thank you.



  • john mack

    hi bruce my name is john and me and my fiance have a reservaton for your villas on 5-27-12 to 6-3-12, we have been following the questions people have been asking about your resort and the answers you have given them, i hope our experience there at your villas will be a pleasant one. I have had one bad experience in the poconos and i really don’t need another,also i would like to ask you if you could please put us in one of your updated and refurblished villas if possible it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Chris

    I just hope when me and my family come to stay, We have a good time, We will be celebrating me and my daughters B-Day,Staying 1 week. I really hope I’m not put in 1 of those OLD UNITS ….. Not for a whole week!

  • Prachi Sharma

    Hi Bruce,

    We will be staying in Villas from 19th to 22nd April. This will be our first stay there. we are excited about it but after reading the reviews about the unkempt condition of the units, i ‘am really concerned. I have two kids and would definitely like our unit to be clean and well kept;would prefer an upgraded one. Tomorrow we will be on our way and don’t know yet what we will be offered.I could just hope to have a nice experience there!


  • Eduardo

    Hi, Bruce,

    I found it very helpfull that you answer all the questions here. Although, I’m concerned to see that only some of the units are upgraded. I’m a RCI client and am arriving at The Villas on april 21, saturday, do I get an upgraded unit? Also, I was wondering if is it possible that I shop online and have it delivered at The Villas. If possible, will The Villas charge me anything for receiving it?

    Thank you.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Eduardo, I have requested that you receive an upgraded unit. The upgraded villa does not have a loft does this matter? And there is no charge for deliveries – you do have 3 packages waiting for you at check-in.

      If you require any more assistance please let me know. -BruceF

      • Eduardo & Nelse

        Hi, Bruce. It doesn’t matter that it does not have a loft. Thank you very much for the upgraded unit and for the informations. I’m sure i’ll have a great time at The Villas.

  • Jacqueline


    My husband and I are came across your website while looking for a new place to vacation in the Pocono’s for our family. We are very interested in learning about owning here. Bruce, can you please shed some light on the process or who we should contact…

    • Bruce Flinn

      Jacqueline, I replied through email to your questions. I hope the information was helpful. -BruceF

  • Donald McKenzie

    Who do I contact regarding fees? The past two years, my payment slip was sent to an old address but fortunately was forwarded to me. Each time I changed the address to reflect my new address when making payment but have yet to receive a dues payment request or membership card for 2012 so I am assuming that the dues request was again sent to the old address (I haven’t lived there in nearly three years). Also, is there a way to access my account from your website? I want to pay my dues but have no idea what they are this year. I also need to get a 2012 membership card.

    Thank you,

    • Bruce Flinn

      Hello Don, Thanks for reaching out through the comments. I have forwarded your information to member services and you should be hearing from them to help resolve your issues. At this point in time member information is not available through the website. Thank you again and if you do not hear from someone in the next couple of days please let me know. -BruceF

  • Jill McGinley


    I’m thinking about booking in April. How was your experience?



  • Bryan Lilley

    Looking forward to a great week! See you Sunday (3-23-12). This will be our first time visiting the Poconos. Im googling for any outside entertainment(music/festivals). Do you have any local sites that would be of benefit to us to check out? We are all so excited to finally get to visit. Like alot of others I have read all the good and bad comments. We are used to the Gold Crown Rci experience(being owners from 2 GC resorts). I understand this is not Gold Crown, but I hope everything will be clean and tidy upon our arrival. Thank you, Bryan

  • April Jordan

    Hi Bruce!

    I think that it is great that you are so connected via new media. I have already told family members about your property, although I have not visited yet. We are coming up on a prospective new owner promotion, so this trip will serve two-fold for me. I am bringing my significant other along to try to convince him that we should invest in vacation property and for his birthday.

    I realize there is only so much you can do, however, if you can ensure that we are staying in an updated property it will make our visit an easier sell…additionally, he has a large family and they already want to visit. It would be great if we could provide that ring of endorsement when we return home!

    Regardless, thank you for being a great source of information and for caring.

  • Joy

    Bruce, your responses to others concerns and questions have be helpful. At first I was worried about our trip (april 2-7), but reading your posts and others have reassured me that the trip will be nice. I can see from your posts all the activities available in the area, and I know that some units have been updated. I just hope my unit is nice, we have fun and the week is entertaining. thanks

    • Bruce Flinn

      Hi Joy, I requested an upgraded unit and a walk through (pre-arrival inspection) for you so please let me know how everything is when you arrive. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime through this site -BruceF

      • Richardo Tennant

        hi Bruce i will be at the tree top villa on the 23rd of march weekend and i was hope i get a upgraded unit i try to request one but all i heard was they all the same unit. hope to hear from you or your staff bruce before my trip. thank you

        • Bruce Flinn

          Richardo, I see by your reservation that you are taking advantage of our 3 day – 2 night vacation ownership opportunity promotion. These promotions are booked into our 2 bedroom units and the inventory is controlled through the Tele-Marketing Department.

          You should have no problems with your unit but if something were to surface that needs attention please don’t hesitate to call maintenance/housekeeping assistance at ext. 4220. -BruceF

      • Sylvia Smith

        Hi Bruce, I am bringing my family up for the week of 4/1/2012. More of my family is staying somewhere close. I tried to convince them to come with me, but they wouldn’t because of the reviews. They will be over to check it out while I’m there to consider it for our next stay. (just wanted them to try something differient) Pleaseeee can you make sure that I am in a updated room. There are 26 of us, and I am the only one willing to give it a try. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Joy

      thanks!!!! see you soon!

  • Sharee

    Well I’m suppose to be there within 4 days and no has contacting me regarding where I’m going confirmation or nothing of the sort…BUT THEY TOOK MY MONEY OUT MY ACCOUNT…POOR BUSINESS….

    • Bruce Flinn

      Sharee, I have been in contact with our Telemarketing department about your concern. We are looking into this for you. What would help is do you remember who you spoke to on the phone when you made your reservation and gave your credit card information too? We did try calling you last week and we noticed that the email address you gave us during the reservation process is different then the one you are using here. We are sending out your information to the email address you have supplied here. Please let me know if you do not receive it by the end of today. -BruceF

  • Anthony Bryant

    Hi Bruce, thanks for having a forum where concerns can get addreseed. I am coming on march 16 with a bunch of men and other than eating i wanted some suggestion on things we can do in the area. We will be arriving late friday (9:oopm) and checking out sunday. For some of these men it will be the first time ever doing anything like this and I wanted to make it special. Help me Bruce.

    • Bruce Flinn

      Anthony, great to have you and guys coming up for some R&R. You’re just a bit early for golf as our course will be opening mid-Apirl but our local Visitors Bureau has a excellent source of activities listed for the area that I could not reproduce with completeness here so I’m supplying a link for you. Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau – Things To Do Page. Have a good time and feel free to get in touch with anymore questions. You can also enter words to search our site by using the search box in the upper right hand corner of our pages to find additional information. -BruceF

  • Patricia sarno

    Is there a spa/massage on site? Also, is there hiking and horseback riding on site? Visiting when bushkill falls is closed.

  • Nancy

    I think this is totally fair to request follow-up comments. I am one of the people that is concerned based on these and other comments. I understand that a dissatified customer is more likely to speak out than a satisfied one. Since I expressed concern on this forum, I intend to comment after my stay, be it positive or negative.

  • Nancy

    Hi, I am booked for this coming weekend (March 8 – March 10). Like many other commenters, I am worried about the conditions of the villas. I also hope I am booked into a newer unit. I am not an owner and will be attending the presentation. I have already been disappointed that I had to pay a re-booking fee that equaled the price I paid for the weekend. While it is still a good bargain, I had to cancel due to a death in the family and customer service was completely unsympathetic. With that strike against the villas, I can say already that if my unit is something like what is being described here, I definitely will not be purchasing.

  • alberto velazquez

    i didn’t even get there get there and their giving me problems. I ask to change my weekend and they want to charge me a hundred buck cause i told them it will be hard for me to make it there. Not cancel change the date they want you to buy into their time share but they cant even help you out with little things like dates. Well when i go up there against my will i would like to see nice i am

  • Don Stein spoke about old TIRES as the view from the back of unit, not old TREES


    Hello Bruce,

    I have been vacationing at Fernwood for quite some years now. To my dismay, I’ve been trying to reach your complimentary certificate department but have been receiving a voicemail which clearly states the office hours are from 10-4pm, which i had been calling consistently before 4pm. To make a long story short, I finally was able to reach someone by the name of Annette. Well, let me say this…she was not courteous, very rude and not of any help at all. I had to ask her several times to speak with a manager and she did not want to give me his extension. Prior to her giving me the extension, she stated that he would not be able to help me with my problem. She also stated that he had stepped out for lunch. As soon as I hung up the phone with her, I called Mr. Ken Wright and he answered his phone. I explained the situation to him, he was very helpful and a pleasure to speak with. I just wanted you to know that whoever this Annette person is, she will help you lose many loyal vacationers if she keeps that awful attitude of hers. Needless to say, I do have some friends that are interested in vacationing in Fernwood; but with my recent experience, I am reluctant to recommend them.

  • Victor

    Hello Bruce!
    We are planning a trip to your resort for the first week of March.
    I don’t seem to be able to find much information on nearby Ski centers.
    Would you be able to give me some information pls.
    Maybe the names of nearby centers and also, if you know whether or not beginning of March should be still a good skiing season
    Kind regards,

  • Marie

    My family and I will also be there this coming weekend 1/27/2012 to 1/29/2012 for 2 Bithdays celebration my son and my husband. This will be our second time coming. We were all very delighted the fisrt time and can’t wait to go back. We had a 2 BR villa very spacious,the place was very clean and plenty of linen.The atmosphere is very relaxing. No need to worry!

  • Bruce Flinn

    Hello Don, I’d like to respond to a few of you comments above if I may.

    – Please use my email to respond as some answers may be of a personal nature.

    #1) All of our villas require only a deposit to book your stay except during holiday periods when full payment may be required, were you here during a holiday and if not would you please refer me to the person and reasons given for requesting full payment upfront?

    #2) There is no premium for a fireplace in the villas – we used to have real fireplaces but some guests abused the facilities and ended up setting fire to their villas so as a safety issue we have been changing them to electric fireplaces which is stated as such on our room descriptions on our websites.

    #3) Extra linens are always available with a quick call to housekeeping.

    #4) broken sofa bed – I have passed this information onto maintenance for service

    #5) master bed – I have passed this information onto maintenance for service

    #6) carpet – I have passed this information onto maintenance for service

    #7) dust everywhere – the units are cleaned and inspected prior to arrival, I will inquire as to why the unit was not prepared properly and request a walk through when it is available

    #8) maid service – when renting a villa there is no daily maid service and it is clearly stated on our website that service is additional upon request

    #9) view of old tires – Don, I apologize I read your comment as “view of old trees…” I was corrected by another reader and will look into where & why “old tires” would be lying around.

    #10) amenities closed or under construction – you are referring to the Fernwood Hotel & Conference Center which is not owned by us anymore. The purchase just went through this past December and the new owners are renovating the facilities to provide a broader range of services.

    Don, if I can be of service in anyway please let me know. Respectfully, -Bruce Flinn

  • Shirley Claude

    We just visited this weekend having booked through Armed Forces Vacation Club. The 2 bedroom villa was terrific! The snow was cleared quickly. We had a view of the trees and then a golf course behind that, but in my opinion that’s nice and serene-much better than staring at the back of another building. Also with regards to dead trees from the other post, this is the Northeast and we have four seasons here,some trees actually lose their leaves in the winter. The couch and bed are that of a typical hotel. They were fine for a 2 night stay! I wish there was a late check out as sometimes its hard to get up and pack and leave by 10 am. The cleaning crew called to confirm check out and she was very congenial. We definitely plan on coming back. The customer service at the front desk could be a little more friendly but with the amount of people coming in, and having worked in the service industry, I know it’s hard to deal with the public. BTW Everything is nearby, so it’s a very convenient location to all kinds of fun activities and restaurants.

  • Theresa Vazquez

    Bruce – I have been reading many of the comments here and wanted to add my 2 cents.
    I am an owner and have been for about 2 years. My family and I have been there several times for weekend stays. I have always found the accomodations to be beautiful. The unit was always clean upon our arrival and if we had any issues, they were addressed immediately by the staff.

    I am heading up there again in February and I can’t wait to show off the place to my guests. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!!!!!