WI-FI Internet Access via AT&T Hot Spots

Updated: June 19, 2012

I spoke with an AT&T representative today and here is what I found out.

What was the $19.95 monthly charge was actually for a yearly plan that would allow you to access any AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot not just ours. Since people were thinking this was just a one month one time $19.95 fee (which is how it was explained to me) and later finding out it was a yearly plan billed monthly AT&T stopped this premier service to eliminate any confusion about what that plan was. I apologize for any confusion about the monthly fee I did not realize it was a yearly plan billed monthly.

I was informed that if you have High Speed Internet access at home or your business and have a login and password for that access you can use that very same login and password on one device at any AT&T wi-fi hotspot without having to pay an access fee. Also if you have a AT&T iPhone or smartphone it will authenticate through any AT&T wi-fi hotspot again without having to pay an access fee.

For everyone else the only rate remaining is the $9.95 for 24-hour access. Let me repeat the service is installed, maintained, and operated by AT&T we do not receive any revenue from this charge.

If you need help connecting please call the AT&T service number 1-877-929-7678 for assistance. I hope this helps. -BruceF

Today’s post is a quick one but one that has created many questions so here goes.

The Resort offers Internet Access via AT&T WI-FI hotspots which are available in the villas and at common areas around the resort. The cost is a flat $9.95 for 24 hours of access.

AT&T installed, owns and controls the amount for the daily and monthly rates for the resort wide Wi-Fi network. We do not control the charges nor do we receive any of the income from those charges. To answer the point that most hotels have free Wi-Fi access I can only say that the cost of the infra-structure to wire a single building is far less than to have a complete access network available over a 100 acre area of a resort. When you are on property you will be able to see the Wi-Fi landing page and use the drop down feature on plan types to review which one is most affordable for your planned usage.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with signing up or gaining access you can call AT&T tech support directly for assistance at this number: 1-877-929-7678.

I hope this helps to answer everyone’s questions.

Updated: March 22, 2012

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Comments and Questions

*Special Notice:

We have been getting a fair number of customer service related questions and requests through the comment sections on various posts and pages throughout the site. While we are able to respond to these without any issues we would like to recommend that you use the “Comments and Questions“ form (link is in the main navigation bar across the top of the page) to contact us with specific questions about your stay or the resort in general.

Link to Comments and Questions form: http://treetopsfairwayvillas.com/tfv/comments-and-questions/

Post and page comments are not reviewed on any regular schedule and your requests may not be handled in a timely manner. Post comments should also be related to the content of the post or page which helps other readers to follow along on topic.

Using the Comments and Questionsform keeps your personal information private and is directly sent to our customer service representatives for action.

Using the post comments will only delay any action that may be required on your behalf and could expose the personal information that you enter in these comments to the population at large. This is not what we want to happen.

Please be careful when posting any comments on the site, use good judgment, be considerate of others and we can all benefit from the community we’re building.

–Thank You.
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Is there a place nearby that will keep your pets overnight?

Although pets are not allowed to stay in the Villas that doesn’t mean they have to stay home alone. We have for your convenience compiled a list of kennels and shelters that will care for your animals while you are vacationing with us.


Bushkill Boarding Kennels – 2 Milford Road, Bushkill, PA 18324
Phone: 570-588-5001
Distance: approximately 4 miles away.

From the Villas entrance at River Road across from the Turkey Hill. Turn right onto Route 209 North. Continue 2 miles. Turn left at blinking light onto Bushkill Falls Road. Continue 2 miles. Turn right onto Milford Road. Kennel will be on your left.

Gate House Kennels – Airport Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Phone: 570-424-1888
Distance: approximately 8 miles away.

From the Villas entrance at River Road across from the Turkey Hill. Turn left onto Route 209 South. Continue 8 miles staying straight onto Business Route 209 South. Turn right onto Airport Road.

Pet Corral – 5682 Route 611, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Phone 570-424-5330
Distance: approximately 13 miles away.

From the Villas entrance at River Road across from the Turkey Hill. Turn left onto Route 209 South. Continue 6 miles. Turn left onto Route 209 South towards Interstate 80. Continue for 4 miles. Merge onto Interstate 80 West. Take Exit 307 for Route 191. Turn right onto Route 191North/Broad Street. Go one block. Turn left onto Ann Street. Go one block. Turn right. Go one block. Turn left onto Main Street. Turn right onto Route 611 North. Turn right onto Terrace Drive. Pet Corral is next to Barton Heights Vet Hospital.

Stroudsburg Animal Hospital – Route 209 & Shafers School House Road, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Phone: 570-421-8337
Distance: approximately 17 miles away.

From the Villas entrance at River Road across from the Turkey Hill. Turn left onto Route 209 South. Continue 6 miles. Turn left onto Route 209 South towards Interstate 80. Continue for 4 miles. Merge onto Interstate 80 West. Continue for 3 miles. Take Exit 305. Turn right onto Business Route 209South/Main Street. Continue 3 miles. Animal Hospital will be on your left.

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For the Outdoor Enthusiast

The Villa Voice – Volume 12 No. 1
The Villa Voice – Web Site

Golf – available on property – ext. 4210

Skydiving – call l-888-654-PLAY or visit www.paskydive.com

Hiking & Biking – outfitter on property – ext. 4041

Horseback Riding – available on property – ext. 4280

Canoeing on the Delaware – rentals available on property – ext. 5315

Bushkill Falls – discount tickets at our gift shop – ext. 4438

Waterpark fun at Camelbeach – discount tickets at our gift shop – ext. 4438

Pocono Environmental Education Center – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Quiet Valley Living Farm Museum – Stroudsburg, PA

Air Tours – For information about flight schedules call 570-839-8815.

Fishing – available on property

Mini Golf – available on property at Valley Station

Paintball – available on property – ext. 4040

Hot Air Balloon Rides – flights can be arranged directly by calling 908-454-3431 or visit www.njballoonrides.com

Bumper Boats – available on property

Shawnee Mountain Festivalsshawneemt.com

NYC Bus Trip – Updated: 07/23/2012 – We have been getting a number of questions about a bus tour/ride to New York City. While in the past we have had such an excursion we longer provide this activity. Please refer to Martz Trailways NYC Schedule for possible times and locations to arrange for a trip to NYC. I hope this helps. -BruceF

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Important Phone Numbers

The Villa Voice – Volume 12 No. 1
The Villa Voice – Web Site

Owner Reservation & Customer Service: 800-528-5570

Owner Bonus Time: 800-528-5570

Financial Services: 800-222-1702

Referral Department: 800-233-6020

Tree Tops Sales Office: 800-891-9992

Exchange Networks: RCI 800-477-2503 / II 800-965-0028

RCI Points Reservations: 877-968-7476

RCI Owner Liaison: 800-528-5510

Please call 888-316-3845 (TTY) for the hearing impaired.

In addition to the above numbers here is a list of extension numbers for amenities and services for use when on property.

  • Activity Central – #4239
  • Event Tickets – #5214
  • Fitness Center – #5150
  • Front Desk – #4111
  • Game Zone – #4156
  • Gift Shop – #4438
  • Golf Pro Shop – #4210
  • Log Cabin – #4200
  • Massage – #4158
  • Paintball – #4040
  • Public Safety – #2395
  • Horse Stables – #4280
  • Timeshare Sales Office – #5100
  • Valley Station – #4256
  • Villa Services: Maintenance/Housekeeping Assistance – #4220

Updated: June 20, 2013

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Do I only get one week per year?

No. Most plans make provision for bonus time.

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