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Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 Inspection

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 Living Area

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 Living Area

After receiving a complaint (a copy of the complaint is below) about this unit I promised the guest I would do a walk through inspection when the room was available. Please note that the unit was cleaned after this guests departure and that it was subsequently rented and cleaned a second time before my inspection.

The complaint does not mention as to whether or not the guests ever contacted anyone in housekeeping or maintenance to come and fix the items listed. I cannot stress enough the fact that if you encounter problems during your stay to please contact someone for assistance. This is the best way that we can help you enjoy your visit.

On October 24th 2011 at around 1:00PM I along with the Customer Services Manager performed a one hour walk through. We had a print out of the complaint in hand so we could address each issue. This post is a followup with supporting photos of that inspection.

All photos can be viewed on our site here: Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 Inspection Photos

Marie’s comment is here.

Item #1: ”…Customer service was very poor…”
Answer: Without a clearer definition I couldn’t address this item. Please use the comments and questions form to give us the specifics of any poor customer service including names where possible.

Item #2: ”…there was no live operators after 10PM…”
Answer: Our front desk is manned 24/7 there should have been someone on duty to offer assistance.

Item #3: ”…we spent 45 minutes searching for our unit, went back to check in and was told there was noone around to take us to our unit. So we had to find our way to the unit on our own and did not get into the unit until 1:00 in the morning thanks to a maintenance worker we ran into that took us to the unit.”
Answer: The front desk gives every guest a printed map of the resort and highlights the route for getting to their unit. The 1st three pictures show the available road signs for directing guests to unit #3405. Sign at Main Entrance (turn right)Sign at parking lot to villa cluster. (turn right)Sign out front of villa cluster.

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 - Downstairs Bedroom

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 - Downstairs Bedroom

Item #4: ”…In addition there were holes in the top cover of our bed,the pillows had holes as well,…”
Answer: I did find and photograph the holes (cuts) in the bedspread as mentioned. This has been brought to the attention of housekeeping and will be replaced as soon as possible. I did not find any holes in the pillow cases or pillows. Reminder that the unit has been cleaned twice since this guests departure.

Item #5: ”…the shower does not have enough water pressure in the bedroom downstairs (we had a two bedrooms).”
Answer: I did turn on the shower and it provided adequate pressure for use. The villas water system is not like that of a city where pressure is provided by the water department therefore our showers will not have the force you may be accustomed to. Running other water based items like the dishwasher, clothes washer and running water from the taps at the same time will affect the overall pressure as well.

Item #6: ”…The remote control to the DVD/VCR did not work,…”
Answer: While we didn’t have a DVD to play we were able to switch channels on the TV without issue and the function of switching between TV and DVD worked fine.

Item #7: ”…the shower in the bedroom upstairs does not work and the bathroom could not flush.”
Answer: I was unable to get the upstairs water flow to switch from the tub faucet to the shower head. This has been brought to the attention of our maintenance department and will be fixed as soon as possible. The bathroom toilets upstairs and downstairs worked without any issues. Again this may have been a situation where other water based items were in use and the pressure was not sufficient to perform an adequate flush. Without more details it is hard to diagnose a problem. Please call maintenance when problems like this arise they will be able to assist you at the time you’re having the problem.

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 - Downstairs Bathroom

Fairway Villas - Unit # 3405 - Downstairs Bathroom

Item #8: ”…I was afraid to use the towels,they look as if they were folded and place on the towels rack without being washed.”
Answer: My inspection showed that the towels were clean and presented well. Upstairs bathroom towelsDownstairs bathroom towels 1Downstairs bathroom towels 2

Item #9: ”…The furnitures are old,…”
Answer: While the furniture may not be a modern design it does present well, it was clean and shows very little to no wear at all. I’m not sure if the guest is remarking about its age or its design. Photo of living room #1Photo of living room #2Photo of dinning areaPhoto of kitchen

Item #10: ”…the unit was dirty and dusty.”
Answer: Please remember this unit was cleaned twice before my inspection. I found it to be dust and dirt free. The counter tops, kitchen table and other flat surfaces were fine. I will be honest here and say I did find a small collection of dust around the fire alarm on the ceiling in the downstairs bedroom which I removed (it is in the line of the air flow from the heating vent).

Item #11: ”…During the 90 minutes presentation we were taken on a tour and saw a nice unit (3 bed) that was the only thing that was presentable at the resort.”
Answer: During a presentation you are supposed to visit all the types of units available. If you are not we need to know this. Do not be afraid to ask to be shown all our unit types and if you perceive resistance from your representative then request a talk with their manager. At the very least send in an email using the comments and questions form with the representatives name and details about your presentation.

I hope this helps everyone. Please leave your comments and suggestion below. -BruceF

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